Prince Albert & Charlene's Wittstock Honeymoon

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What could possibly follow a fairy tale wedding? How about a magical honeymoon at a seaside resort at the other end of the world?

Monaco's Prince Albert and his bride-to-be, Charlene Wittstock, are planning to honeymoon beside the Indian Ocean after their July 1-2 wedding in his principality, say sources at the landmark Oyster Box Hotel in Umhlanga, South Africa.

The royal couple will attend a July 7 International Olympic Organizing Committee banquet in their honor at the hotel, say sources.

'There's no other place like it anywhere in South Africa," a source familiar with the couple's plans tells PEOPLE. "'South Africans have been coming here for generations for wedding celebrations, and it attracts international celebrities as well. It is a very special place."

Monaco's Prince Albert, Charlene Wittstock to Honeymoon in South Africa :
That is one spectacular location!
Ahhhh, the pool looks like part of the ocean, simply exquisite...

And such a beautiful place to begin a marriage ~ tranquil, serene, romantic ambiance ~ perfect setting to make babies. :D ;)
Albert will be in IOC meetings July 4 to 9 2011.
That honeymoon location is simply beyond beautiful...I don't believe I have ever seen a place so dreamlike!

It's like a movie set, only it is real.
Is this the honeymoon with his/her mates from the Olympics ??

Let's hope they'll get themselves some privacy...
Prince Albert will have a cio comittee from july 4th to july th9th, Charlene said in the ZDF tv interview that they will meet the comittee and will have a fest with her friends and her family who could not attend to the wedding. After this comittee they will fly to honey travel where? it is not said Stephane Bern said that he heard the prince saying a week in Bali but I think it is not very safe there
I'll make a prediction right now as I type and say that Charlene will become pregnant during those 5 days that she and Albert will be staying at the Oyster Hotel for the IOC Meetings. :cool:

And when I am correct I will bump this thread back up to the top to prove my point. ;) Hmm, so that should be around the first week of April 2012 sometime... :D
To day, Charlene said in the interview with bfm that she adores the children and wanted always to have children that we will see the months later or the years later and what we know that they will be the first to know. I think they will try to have soon children but during the honeytrip , god only knows.I think that Princess Grace was very quickly pregnant, perhaps during her honeytrip because Princess Caroline was there 9 months after the wedding.
My mother said me that Charlene will be the first after Princess Grace not to be pregnant during her wedding. Princess Caroline waited for Andrea at her wedding with S Casiraghi and princess Alexandra at her wedding with Prince EA. Stephanie had already two children at her wedding with D Ducruet.
My sister in law said me some days ago that Charlene was perhaps already pregnant; I do not think so but they cannot wait because albert is already 53
Let's get back on topic.
It's a spectacular resort, but, after having had another big bash, they might want to have the REAL honeymoon elsewhere....

My suggestion: Antarctica.
What a charming idea, cdm !

In the mid-Fifties, having a holiday on a Spanish island would have been a dream for many....

However, I'm sticking with my idea for an Antarctic holiday:
A voyage on board an icebreaker .... scuba diving, camping, trekking, kayaking....

Of course PA has already done that trip, but CW hasn't..... so far....
Just wondered when will the honeymoon happen? Albert has engagements in South Africa (they have their dinner/dance on Thur 7 July) South Africa. But when does the honeymoon actually start? Is it 11 July 2011?
Prince Albert said in the interview for the tV rtb, that they will go in honeymoon after the ioc comitee at Durban , he did not want to say where they will go because it was a surprise for Charlene.
PA has various things on his calendar, e.g. Friday 22nd July - Herculis Meeting (Monegasque Athletics Federation), and - of course - Friday 30th - Red Cross Gala.
does the prince Albert show you his calandar?
In the interview of the tv of the rtbf, he said that the place of the honeymoon is a surprise for Charlene, 'you can read it on the correspondent site)

This week, in a part of an interview the couple gave to Jacques Legros which will be aired for tmc for the moment of the wedding . To the question : Do you have a surprise for your future bride or future husband,? Charlene says, I have some but I will not say . Prince Albert said: Yes I have a surprise for Charlene, the honeymoon.
Can you supply links please?

A honeymoon idea:

Swimming with dolphins or penguins in South Georgoia !
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I hope for them they could relax a little bit after the exciting weeks or months of wedding preparations.

For me the wedding date is not well chosen. They have next week one engagement at the IOC and not a really chance to be alone.
I heard they left today--Monday--for SA. I think its wonderful that PA is planning a honeymoon surprise for Charlene. I took a look at the Oyster Box website--WOW!!! What a beautiful place for a honeymoon! But, if I had just been through a constant round of very public events (along with coping with the press scrutiny of my private life) and having a camera stuck in my face for days--I would want a honeymoon that was very private like William and Kate had in the Seychelles. I know PA has always had a public life and Charlene has been adapting to having a public life but I still think that no matter who you are there are times in your life when you want privacy. I remember CP Mary saying how wonderful it had been to wake up the day after all those days of public life surrounding her wedding in the quiet and solitude of Africa. Both CP Mary and CP Frederik said it was so special to be able to start their new life together as just the 2 of them alone. Kinda think Albert and Charlene might feel the same way!
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The Daily Mail or The Daily Fail has no credibility for me whatsover,jmo .The Prince himself confirmed to Euronews that they'd go to their honeymoon after his committment with the IOC,destination unknown.I also read on some spanish boards that the honeymoon will last for almost a month..just a grain of salt,of course.
It felt so odd to see him with a wedding ring now lol:lol:

They looked tired but well..I hope they'll have a lovely honeymoon right after this committment:flowers:
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