Prince Albert and Princess Charlene Current Events - Part 1: July 2011- February 2012

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Lovely appearance!

It's been a charity gala organized by the association "Monaco Disease Power" at the Yacht Club de
Monaco yesterday, February 22.

Monaco Disease Power works with and for a number of specialized institutions for children and adults
with intellectual disabilities. With yesterday's gala they've collected donations to build a house for
handicapped people in Annot, France.

Here's a pic released by the Palace:

** Pic **
I love her pashmina and her dress from the red cross gala :)
:previous: Mmmm! I love how chilly, reserved and cold this couple are! From the wedding to now, it's always the same, chilly, cold and freezing! :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:

Why don't you tell us what you really mean?

Nice to see them happy to this gala. It is a lovely couple.

I think they will be at Oscars Evening sunday february 26th.

Melina, it must be 20 years since I sat in front of the TV to watch the Oscars. I'm watching this year!
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Looking good at a gala.


Fabulous pictures. ! As ever, Charlene looks gorgeous. :flowers:

Why don't you tell us what you really mean?

Melina, it must be 20 years since I sat in front of the TV to watch the Oscars. I'm watching this year!

Irish TV will broadcast the Oscars on the following night. I have my seat reserved on the sofa. :lol:
My sole interest this year will be ..... Albert & Charlene. !!
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Thank you melina premiere for the link.

You guys really made me curious to watch the Oscars too. I think I'm gonna watch it live for the first time ever :previous:

I found a video of the red cross event:
Monaco Info / Chaines - Monaco Channel
Nice Matin a serious newspaper announced that Albert and Charlene will be at the oscars evening a month ago, but this news was never confirmed by the palace.
Nice Matin a serious newspaper announced that Albert and Charlene will be at the oscars evening a month ago, but this news was never confirmed by the palace.

No. !! For me, the Oscars, this year are very predictable. The only highlight had been the thought of seeing Albert & Charlene there.
there is an article which says that they are invited by the director of Dysney

News at Monte Carlo Ballet - HSH Prince Albert to Attend Oscars | Society News LA
If it is a privat travel, the palace does never confirm the news before, but it makes an announce after the event to avoid the photographs

Thanks for that article, melina. Good to know what Albert's connection is (apart from Grace having previously won an Oscar, of course) with the film industry. :flowers:

You are right when you say that the Palace frequently frequently posts pictures and information AFTER the event.
I can't wait to see Charlene's dress! I haven't been so excited since Sandra Bullock won the oscar.
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I love Charlene's choice - very elegant, yet casual and breezy. Perfect for the venue and the location. The hair is 'just right', as is the make-up and the earrings. Perfection. Simplicity rules. :flowers:
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Here's a larger gallery of pics of yesterday's event:

** gettyimagess/daylife gallery - February 25, 2012 **

And the official release from the Palace today:

The Princely couple, invited by M.Robert A. Iger,Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Walt Disney Company, will attend to the Oscars this evening in Los Angeles.
The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and Disneynature signed a global agreement in 2010 to help raise public awareness through films and documentaries on the emergency to protect the environment.

** Hola: Confirmado: Los príncipes Alberto y Charlene asistirán a la gala de los Oscar ** translation **

** purepeople: Charlene de Monaco scintille à Hollywood devant Petra Nemcova et Mischa Barton **

** Photos : Charlene Wittstock et le Prince Albert de Monaco : unis et rayonnants pour un brunch très VIP ! **
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I like Charlene a lot; despite all the criticism she often gets, Charlene is a beautiful young woman who always dresses elegantly and with dignity. However, I cannot be the only one who thinks it is inappropriate for a Princess and a Sovereign Prince to actively promote the new collection of a jewellery line?

Still, I wait forward to seeing them during the Academy Award ceremony!
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It is not any jewellery but the Mont Blanc Jewellery brunch celebrating collection Princess Grace in memory to the beloved princess Grace of monaco. There was already evenings organized by this jewellery in september in Monaco with Princess Caroline, Prince Albert, princess Charlene and in November for the Princess Grace Awards in tribute to the princess Grace.
This year, it is the 30th year that Princess Grace is dead , I doubt that this jewellery is given to each person at the oscars evening.
I would love to see so e close ups of Princess Grace of Monoco Mont Blanc Jewellry..........
As with the Barbie doll collection, I think the royalties goes to support the familiy's charities. It is also a way to keep PG's name and Monaco in the public eye.
So they're just invited to watch right? Are they presenting or anything? I'm excited to see them.
From what we know they will only be there to spectate as guests of Disney.
No presentations. But maybe the cameras will show them when they remember Grace Kelly.
It's bad enough that they would turn up to the Oscars at all for no apparent reason, I just truly hope they don't spend time posing on the red carpet. This is where royals cross over into celebrity land for me.
I don't like their turning up either but on the other hand I like the idea of them attending such a big event and seeing Charlene in a stunning dress.
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