Pics of Grace, the Actress Part III

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Is there such thing as a bad picture of Grace? She is simply gorgeous.
She looked stunning in To Catch a Thief.....and every other flim!
Thanks, very pretty. The bottom half of her face reminds me Charlotte.
Scroll down for pics of Grace posing for a typewriter promotion.

Thanks very much for the link. The 1950s was indeed a very stylish decade, and ‘Dial M for Murder’ is an excellent film. I found this (copied below) a particularly interesting process by Hitchcock.

‘Margot’s outfits go from bright to somber as her innocence starts to be questioned. As opposed to the colour palette of her previous clothes, which brought out her blue eyes, the faded grey of the pleated dress is intelligently used to make her eyes look grey, too, in tune with the grey days coming. “We did an interesting colour experiment with Grace Kelly’s clothing. I dressed her in very gay and bright colours at the beginning of the picture, and as the plot thickened, her clothes became gradually more somber,” Hitchcock revealed to Truffaut.’
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