Pavlos & Marie-Chantal and Family Picture Thread 1

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If the weather clears up -- unless they have already arrived. Copenhage airport is currently closed due to bad weather. Haakon and MM have changed their plans and are going by night train.
pollyemma said:
thank you so much for these photos Iceflower! they are gorgeous! they are such a sweet couple. even if it was advantageous for both parties to marry, i think they are very happy together. i love the one of her giving him a peck on the forehead. its so natural and unaffected.

I totally agree with Polyemma!!
This is a couple that, whatever the political/material gain from the unit, seems genuinely fond of each other. I think they seem a great fit together, and always get the impression these two people seem to have a good, sound head on their shoulders.

Iceflower, thank you thank you thank you for these wonderful pictures, I've thorougly enjoyed them! :)
where can I get photos of Christian from Denmark baptism?
In order to make this thread a picture thread again ;) I post two more pics from my collection. And princess olga, you are very welcome!
I only wish someone else would post pics as well :)


(das neue)
A very nice pic with Queen Margarethe from 1999:


I have some questions:

1. How old are Pavlos and Marie Chantal?
2. How and where did they meet?

Thanks in advance;)
They met at a birthday party in New Orleans.
Pavlos was born in 1967 and MC was born in 1968.
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paloma said:
They met at a birthday party in New Orleans.
Pavlos was born in 1967 and MC was born in 1968.

Thanks a lot:)
I have a question
did Marie-Chantal's father pay for her to get married?
Robert Miller did pay for the actual wedding. There are also reports about a dowry, but Robert Miller gave all of his daughters money after they married.
I really love the pics of MC and Pavlos...esp the early years....thanks!
Official engagement photos

Where can I find the one´s of Pavlos and Marie-Chantal from January 1995?
I'm glad you like them Piaa :)
Stefanie, I posted two of the engagement pictures in post number 4 on the first side of this thread :)
Not the engagement photos

These photos (post No. 4) were made a few days or weeks after the official engagement!
The official engagement was in January 1995 and Marie-Chantal wore some kind of beige dress with little ribbons instead of buttons. The whole family including Queen Ingrid gathered in the living-room of Constantine´s home in London. Afterwards they published for weeks a whole bunch of different photos in HOLA-magazine with Marie-Chantal wearing different kinds of costumes (including this turquoise one) and they showed some kind of apartement (obviously the one Pavlos and her lived in that time). I still could myself slap into the face that I didn´t buy HOLA yet at that time. I started buying Hola regulally when it became known that Alexia had a boyfriend (and later husband Carlos Morales)
It's really been a long time from my last message but I always think that I don't have interesting things to say. Marie-Chantal is my favourite princess, even if I'm found of Mary, Maxima and Mathilde. I have almots 2000 papers photos but don't have a scanner to post them. May be I'll have one soon because my husband needs one and then I promise I will send the most I can (I'm french so it will be photos from Point de Vue that I have every week, Gala, Paris Match and HOla in which I'm abonned). For this time, I'll try to send photos that can be found in Sorry if it doesn't succeed, this is the first time I'll send photos. Hope you'll like them. Its' just before the birth of Maria-Olympia.
Don't succeed to send them. Can someone explain me ? It ask me the URL address of my image but I only have something like CA3Y820C. Waiting for your help. Thanks.
Thanks for telling me, Stefanie, but please do not slap yourself into the face for that ;) :)
Lisa, you have to upload the pics you want to post with an image hosting site and than you put the link you get there into your posts. works quite well. I'm sure we would all love to see your pics, so a scanner is needed for sure :)
Thank you so much Iceflower? Not so difficult as I succeed. Others will come tomorrow but it's a bit late and my baby wakes up early. Bye.
Pic from

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Can someone tell me how posting several photos together without returning for each photos to tinypic. Thanks again and sorry to disturb you. All photos from
Lisa, as far as I know there is no other way than to upload one pic after the other, but you can put several links into one post - and congratulations to your little baby :)
Two pics from photoshot:

Is the girl next to Anne Marie Theodora?
She's lost some weight, don't you find so?
I'm happy to see her growing to a beautifl elegant princess, although she can't be as impressive as her mother; but no one can!;)
Yes, it's Theodora, let's wait and see how she'll look like in some years ;)
Old photos

This photo showing Theodora is from almost four years ago when little Arrietta was christened. In time between she gained some weight again in my opinion. Remember the photos at Odysseas christening. Unfortunately Theodora inherited her father´s chubby cheeks and her mothers´s teeth that don´t at all fit together. She´s quite tall (good for models) but if you are not beautiful it´s no advantage to be tall.
Emily, I'm almost sure that I have the photos that you want. I only need to search them in my two CD RW because I've got so much photos that I needed to put them out my PC. Will send them as soon as possible.
Emily, here's what I've found on my PC. Got others but in papers so I will send them when I'll have a scanner
Some are before Maria-Olympia birth but you see a little the salon. All photos from HOLA.
Lovely photos Lisa. I do think that Marie Chantal has become much more beautiful as she has gotten older. She has a very classic beauty and her style is much better now than when she was first married!!
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