Norwegian Royal Family Current Events 2: December 2006 - April 2018

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King Harald and Crown Prince Haakon received the Brazilian President Michel Temer at the Royal Palace in Oslo today, June 23:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 **
The King, accompanied by the Crown Prince, undertakes the formal opening of the 8th Sameting (Sami Parliament) - watch it live here on NRK1 at 13:00 (12:00 British time)

Video of the King arriving at the hotel in Karasjok to rest before the opening:

Edit: The broadcast has started.

Edit: The King is 15 min late - we don't know why.

Edit: His Majesty is arriving with CP Haakon.

Edit: The King and CP Haakon is walking into the Sameting Chamber - the royal anthem is sungen in Sami by the Sameting members.

Edit: The King is in great form, smiling and laughing while he listens to Sami music.

Edit: The King is now speaking.

Edit: The King has declared the 8th Sameting opened.

Edit: Several speeches from Sameting/Storting Members.

Edit: The Sami Song is sungen.

Edit: His Majesty and CP Haakon is leaving the Sameting Chamber.

Edit: The broadcast has ended.
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This deserves its own post - The King, accompanied by the Crown Prince, has opened the 8th Sameting (Sami Parliament)

The whole NRK1 broadcast:

Video of the King arriving at the hotel in Karasjok to rest before the opening:

Video of the King and CP Haakon arriving at the Samething:

Video of the King's speech:

Photo-gallery from NRK:

Article from NRK with some quotes translated by me:
The King: "To take care of Sami language is a collective responsibility''

King Harald V held an insightful speech in connection with the solemn opening of the Sami Parliament.

''Living and viable - Sami language and Sami culture is also a collective responsibility. Here, both the Sami Parliament and the state have important tasks.

Norway as a nation has a duty to ensure that Sami children receive a satisfactory education, in and on Sami,'' said His Majesty King Harald in his speech.

The King attended the opening for the second time together with his son and heir, His Royal Highness Crown Prince Haakon. (The King attended alone in 1993 and with the Queen in 1997, 2001, 2005 and 2009)

It's a royal tradition that the King opens the Sami Parliament, it has been that way since King Olav opened the first Sami Parliament on October 9, 1989.
Also today Princess Martha Louise came 3rd with her horse Carsall at the World 120 CSIAM class during the Oslo Horse Show at Telenor Arena on Fornebu This is the princess's international comeback as a rider!!

And of course King Harald and Queen Sonja was there to see her
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A long article from VG with some quotes trancelated by me:
TELENOR ARENA (VG) The smile almost went round with Princess Märtha Louise after the third place in the first ride at Oslo Horse Show

"I was probably the happiest at the entire Telenor Arena," she said at the press conference shortly thereafter.

With mother Queen Sonja and father King Harald as onlookers, the princess participated in an international racing class for amateurs, with obstacles of 1.20 meters.

She competed against 34 riders from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

Just after the prize ceremony, the leader of the Oslo Horse Show, Morten Aasen commented that the princess must have been the happiest person there, already when she passed, or maybe even before.

"I just saw the smile more and more," said Aasen.

"Yes, it was after the last obstacle when I had managed to sit around the swing where I almost falled off," said the princess laughingly.

In other news:

Today, October 12, Queen Sonja opened the exhibition "The Royal Stables. Horses and their equipage 1905 - 1940" at the Queen Sonja Art Stable. Crown Princess Mette-Marit and Princess Märtha Louise were present as well:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 ** Pic 5 ** Pic 6 ** Pic 7 ** Pic 8 **

** Ny utstilling i KunstStallen ** translation **
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Article with video from TV2 - some quotes trancelated by me:
Dronning Sonja tok en Skavlan
On Thursday, Queen Sonja opened the new exhibition ''The Royal Stables. Horses and their equipage 1905 - 1940"

''A great opening of a magnificent exhibition of Horses and equipages in Queen Maud's old stables, which, due to Queen Sonja's 80th birthday earlier this year, was refurbished as King Harald's special gift for his wife - for use as a gallery,'' says TV 2's royal expert, Kjell Arne Totland.

During the opening, Queen Sonja interviewed her own daughter - princess (and horse woman) Märtha Louise.

Mother and daughter sat at a table on a stage with microphones, and Queen Sonja interviewed her daughter about horses.

"Now I almost feel like Skavlan (TV host)!" Said the queen with glimpses in her eye before she began to ask her many questions.

Leah Isadora competed in the pony race at Oslo Horse Show today, October 15, watched by her proud grandfather and sisters ?

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** gallery **
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The Royal House Article you posted with some quotes translated by me:
Ildsjeler invitert til Slottet -
Elderly voluntary workers gathered at the Palace today. They were invited by their Majesties the King and Queen to commemorate the great volunteer efforts made - not least by active elderly.

Princess Astrid, Mrs Ferner, is also present during the event called Afternoon Tea, which has evolved into a fine tradition at the Royal Palace.

For the guests, the tour started with a tour of some of the palace's most important rooms, before all were welcomed by King Harald, Queen Sonja and Princess Astrid in the Small Ballroom. From here everyone went into the Great Ballroom where the tables were set.

Photos from some of the greetings in the Small Ballroom:

Photos from the Great Ballroom - the man/woman who stand together with the Queen is the Norwegian singer and actress Wenche Myhre and (her boyfriend) the Swedish musician Anders Eljas:
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:previous: I forgot to mention this yesterday, but as you can see in the above post, Princess Astrid had to wear her special corset again due to back pain.

Kjell Arne Totland‏ @TV2KjellArne
BRAVO Still going strong! #PrincessAstrid of N again has to wear a special #corset but still performs #royal duties.
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:previous: How nice to see all three together at an event.
More about the Afternoon Tea on Tuesday - article from Royal Central:

Read more: Norwegian royals invite elderly volunteers to Oslo Castle for afternoon tea – Royal Central
On Tuesday in Norway their majesties, King Harold and Queen Sonja, and Princess Astrid, Mrs Ferner, commemorated the volunteer efforts of the elderly with an English-inspired traditional afternoon tea at Oslo Castle.

During their visits around the country the Norwegian Royal Family has many opportunities to meet volunteers and see the importance of the effort the dedicate to local community projects and the people they benefit. As a way of saying thanks, King Harold and Queen Sonja have developed a tradition of hosting an afternoon tea for groups of elder volunteers to honour them and the work they do.

More on today's event:

Thanks for the photos, iceflower! :flowers:

I saw it live on TV2 News Channel where Kjell Arne Totland commentated from the palace park. The Princess came arm in arm with her grandmother before she unveiled the sculptures, while CP Mette-Marit held a speech.

Some more photos from REX:

Photos from NTB Scanpix - many of the same pictures, but what the heck:

Ingrid Alexandra is (as one can see in the Scanpix photos) very close to her grandmother, and she often spend time with the King and Queen at the palace and Bygdøy kongsgård.
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Wou, Princess Ingrid is so grown. She´s taller as her grandmother.
A long article from Adresseavisen with quotes translated by me:
- Det var ganske sinnsykt å møte dronningen
"It was quite insane to meet the Queen''

"She is the Queen," says Evald Møller Johansen (11). After his sculpture was unveiled in the palace Park, he sat next to Queen Sonja at the palace and ate taco.

Princess Ingrid Alexandra unveiled two new sculptures in Princess Ingrid Alexandra's sculpture park in the palace park on Thursday. One of them was drawn by Evald Møller Johansen (11).

"I was so surprised by how fine the sculpture was. The royals said that too! They thought the sculpture was very exciting,'' says Evald, just after he had finished eating taco at the Queen's table at the palace.

''I don't yet understand that I have met the Queen, the Princess and Mette-Marit,'' says Evald.

At the palace, he sat at the Queen's side, and they talked about art and his school life in Trondheim.
He also said that he looks forward to returning to school again on Monday because he want to tell his friends about it.

Article from the Fail:
Norwegian royals unveil new sculptures | Daily Mail Online
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I’ve been wondering, is Ingrid Alexandra called by both her names by the royal family? And can we expect, like in the Netherlands, for her to reign as Queen Ingrid Alexandra or just Queen Ingrid?

1. She's called Ingrid, by the family.

2. She will (after what I've heard) reign as Queen Ingrid.

About my above post: It's late here in Norway, and I really have to go to bed, so I used a web translation on the article. But I was not happy with the result when I looked at it now, so I edited the post and translated it myself:
More about the sculpture unveiling yesterday:

Article with video from Royal Central's Oskar Aanmoen:
Princess Ingrid Alexandra unveils new statues in Palace Park in Oslo – Royal Central

TV2 article with some quotes translated by me:
Prinsesse Ingrid Alexandra avduket nye skulpturer i sin egen park
It was a clearly proud and happy Princess Ingrid Alexandra who came to unveil two new sculptures in her own sculpture park outside the palace on Thursday. Arm in arm with grandmother Queen Sonja.

"But it's not easy for a 13-year-old to be the focal point on such an occasion - with military fanfare and everything - so I think Ingrid, as she is called in the family, was glad to have her mother Mette-Marit and Grandma Sonja there," said TV2's royal expert Kjell Arne Totland. He adds:

"She also held her grandmother in the arm on the arrival to the park. Sonja does not hide the fact that she loves to be grandma for all her grandchildren - and that she is particularly keen to help her her son's daughter with advice. It's also very clear that the two have a very special chemistry.''

''Our young princess has always been a precocious little lady and now she has become a teenager. Both parents and grandparents have planned that the children at Skaugum should gradually get used to the limelight - and attend public events with the adults when the occasion fits. This is especially true when it comes to Ingrid Alexandra, who is the one who will once follow in her grandfather and father's footsteps. And when she was asked by a journalist a few years ago about what she would be when she grew up, she responded: ''Crown Princess''!, says TV 2's royal expert.
Extremely beautiful Young Lady..... of course with good genes from both her parents....that helps !
The King/Queen and the CP couple attends the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation in Nidaros Cathedral on October 31th. NRK1 sends the service live from 19:30 to 20:55.
Hi, can you put the link because i want to see the ceremony? please

1. NRK and sometimes TV2 and Dagbladet had live streams (which I posted here) during the 80th birthday celebrations, the May 17th celebrations, the openings of the Storting/Sameting and during the Stortingsmiddag last week.

2. I don't think NRK will provide a live link for this service, but if they does, then I will of course post it here.

3. The NRK1 broadcast will be made available after the service, and I will then post it here.

In other news: As I wrote in the ''General News'' thread, the Queen has canceled her two engagements today due to back pain, and will not attend the service:
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