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Serene Highness
Feb 27, 2006
Cavite City
i would just like to say, wow, thank you for the new smilies! is it TRF's choice or was it given by the server?:cool:

if it isn't obvious enough i love using smilies:p and the new ones are just :cool: . i'll miss the old ones, though, since they come in more colors.

thanks again for the site updates. :punk: :w00t2:
:lol: These are fun :clap:
and so many to choose from
Thank u for the new smillies. :flowers: They are better than the other ones. :ROFLMAO: :angel:
I love new smilies too. they are very funny and nice! :bang: :ROFLMAO: :wacko: :censored: :ninja: bud oldies stayed too : :eek:
I also love the new smilies!:wub: They are great!! Thank you super people for giving them to us.:flowers: By the way, this is my 51st post, so I will become a gentry, no longer a commoner.:lol: :lol:
Thank you for the new smilies! I'm finally reunited with my favourite smiley on TRF too: :flowers:
I love these new smilies because they're a lot of fun but I admit I'm getting dizzy reading some posts because some of these smilies like to spin around a lot! :ROFLMAO:
I could not find my blue wink smiley :sad:
Anyway, I love the new additions, they give our posts that extra push to emphasize anything in particular we wanted to point out in the message. Or just to add some fun. I also love one more thing with the fix we just had, the Avatar problem was solved and I could finally see the one I made many, many weeks ago of a young King Alfonso of Spain. I added the little coat of arms that is currently the official version. So, to whoever fixed the html plumbing at Royal Forums, Thanks! :clap:
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