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Mar 23, 2003
There is the Grimaldi family order that we all have seen but are there any others? I thought I read that Albert has an order of St. Charles also?
As far as I'm concerned all the members of the Grimaldi family have the Order of St. Charles. I'm not sure if Stephanie has it though but I think probably yes.

The Order of St. Charles I think is the one the family gives to distinguished Monegasques before National Day in the Palace.
There are three orders, of which the St. Charles is the most prestigious. Albert did not receive it until his 21st birthday. The others are the Order of the Crown (2nd most prestigious) and then the Order of Grimaldi. There is also an Order of Cultural Merit, I believe (which does not have a star and sash like the other three, but is a medal).
Will, would you happen to have a link? I was at the site the other day and wasn't able to find anything.
Hello all!

Has anyone seen the monograms for Prince Rainier, Princess Caroline, Prince Albert, and Princess Stephanie? I have seen the late Princess Grace's with the forward and backward "G". I thought it was quite ingenious given that most royal mongrams just use the first name. In the case of the late Princess, it fitted her name - Grace Grimaldi.

Thanks so much!
Prince Rainier's monogram is 2 "R"s. I think Princess Caroline's is 2 "C"s and Prince Albert's 2 "A"s.
Thanks! Do you, by any chance, have a photo or a paper with the images on it? Again, thanks for your quick reply, monaco70s!
Unfortunately I don't have the pics from the monograms :( U're welcome rarotonga :)
rarotonga said:
Thanks! Do you, by any chance, have a photo or a paper with the images on it? Again, thanks for your quick reply, monaco70s!
I posted a stamp celebrating 25th anniversery of Princess Grace has Princess Grace and Princess Caroline monogram.. (don't know the source)


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Prince Albert monogram

Here you are..

Third mission; Stephanie's monogram:)


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Thanx for appreciating Gabriella!
Prince Rainier's monogram

It isn't Steph's..but Prince Rainier's monogram also counts..right?

I'll find Stephanie's mon..some day:)


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Prince Rainier's and Princess Grace's monogram

Combination of monograms on this Christmas card sent by Prince Rainier and Princess Grace


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Thats a beautiful card thank you for posting it.
They usually wear the sashes and orders at events like the Opera on Monaco National Day.
I located these on Chiffres & Monogrammes and found a description with Albert's

Jacques, Hereditary Prince of Monaco and his sister Princess Gabriella, Countess of Carladès both have Princely Monograms!

Jacques, Hereditary Prince of Monaco


Princess Gabriella, Countess of Carladès

Coat of Arms of HRH The Princess of Hanover .

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