Marie: Possible Future Challenges, Patronages and Successes as Princess of Denmark

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Even though we're tempted to talk about Mary and Alexandra, let's try to remember that this discussion is about Marie.

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I think Marie will be a fabulous princess. Being French, polished, assured, and from a good family, she will fit right in.

She will know she's very lucky NOT to be the Crown Princess - she'll have more freedom, fewer duties - and she'll actually be wealthier than Mary.

She has the advantage of already having a second language, so she will probably learn Danish more quickly than Mary.

She is blessed to have such an utterly delightful ally in Alex, who is sure to smooth the path for her.

She is also blessed to be step-parent to two incredibly gorgeous, princely boys ...

Aotearoagal-you make a good point. I was thinking the same thing-fewer duties=more freedom. I do have one question though. How will she be wealthier than Mary? I don't know much about how the royal family lives (as far as actual money goes).
Let me reiterate one thing: This is a discussion forum. People are allowed to voice their opinions, including constructive criticism with supported legitimate evidence, even if it differs vastly from your own.​

[URL=""]The long undeited version of the engagement press conference[/URL]. Very telling, very uncomfortable at times, and very different from the edited version we first saw back in October. Enjoy!

To be fair, I think we need to take into account the fact that this was her first offical
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Yes, I know that dear, thank you.:flowers:

GT, thank you for this link. Really interesting, yes. I had the feeling when I saw the interviews and the documentary shortly before the wedding that both Marie and Joachim had done their homework and actually reflected on the questions and points of view directed at them in the media during their courtship and engagement. I like the way Marie tried to be polite and honest duringt eh engagement interview even though she had already burned her hands with the media (she told in the documentary how hard that was on her) and I really think she is serious about her dealings with the media as representatives of the people and she tries her best on being both open and still be private.

Saying that, I believe Marie will be a successful princess as she obviously takes traditions, appearances and duties very serious (the upper and upper middle class in France - la Bourgeoisie still takes these things very serious).
And Marie is successful in presenting a positive and approachable image - I don't think people believe her to be a golddigger or a bad stepmother or a false friend to Alexandra, me included.

We'll see what kind of public role she will find but I'm sure she will do a good job for the RF and for the country. I found the commenaries in the German language newspaper of Southern Jutland/Northern Schleswig interesting, as the German minority hopes that with the move of prominent "European" princess to their area the climate of inter-cultural and inter-language so important for this border region will even get better. AFAIK Marie speaks a bit German, so this might help to endear her to the German minority in the area around Mögeltondern (as the Germanic Danes use to say).
It's very interesting reading all the different opinions about Marie and her future challenges. I have only one thing to say - only time can tell.
We have seen with our own eyes princesses like Diana and Alexandra who carried out their duties splendidly and whom people adored but they were big failures because they couldn't please their princes. On the other hand, Sarah, wife of Prince Andrew couldn't cope with palace life and duties and opted out. The one who has my most sympathy is Princess Masako, who was dubbed ' Prisoner of the Chrysanthenum Throne'. I'm sure all these young women entered into royal marriage with the intention of doing her job successfully. But due to circumstances beyond their control, they couldn't.
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