Marie-Chantal's Languages and Accent

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Marie-Chantal sounds like many women I know(I sound like that but I'm no where near as well-off as MC);we all attended the same types of international schools where deportment,enunciation,were all promoted.
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and her sister Lee Radziwill had/have that particular mix of upper-crust New York/British accent.

For me it still works, so it may be an access problem or one related with the installed players.
The video worked for me also. Does anyone know if Marie Chantal speaks spanish? I know her mother is from Ecuador, but I have never heard if she herself knows the language. I have read about her trying to learn Greek. Just thought someone might know what languages she speaks.
I'm pretty sure MC speaks french with hardly any accent because she spent many years in Paris, and also some french socialites reported that fact in magazines. I read also that she can speak a little bit of italian, which is not surprising as it is rather close to french. But I think I saw only one mention of this, and there was no clue about how good she was in italian language.
MC sounds very American to me - I don't hear the British accent in her at all.
MC sounds very American to me - I don't hear the British accent in her at all.

You are right, except when she tries to affect a slight British accent saying the word girls, which somewhat sounds like "gulls".
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