Luxembourg Grand Ducal Family, Current Events 4: October 2006 - September 2017

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Maria Teresa and Alexandra look gorgeous and the Grand Duke looks as handsome as ever
It's nice to see Alexandra so often in public with her parents :)
Hope to see her remainig this way in the future too since she's the only daughter of the GD couple ;)
Did they close the church? If so I wonder why? That seems to me to be a very odd move.
It is nice to see the old Grand -Duc Jean. How old is he ??
Grand Duchess Maria Teresa looks absolutely great! She must have had either a fantastic diet or the will to renew herself. BRAVO!
Very nice photos! It seems like it has been awhile since we have seen the family attending events together. They are a very good-looking family.
MT looks so young! And it's good to see the family out again.
She looked very beautiful! Was the Grand Duchess planning to attend and then sent Alexandra in her place, or was Alexandra's visit planned in advance?
I'm not sure.........Alexandra has been taking more royal duties she may have been scheduled to go
Does Luxembourg have a minimum voting age of 18? If so, then this would be the Princess' first opportunity to vote. This may have been an exciting thing for her to participate in.
it is so nice to see Louis and Tessy. They're quite private people.
:question: Where they are living presently? Does Louis continue his education?
New suit, new tie, new watch and new hair cut.....and he still looks stunning. I wonder if he's changed his job or something now since it seems like a big change.
Louis and Tessy both look great! Are they living in Luxembourg now? I thought that they were in Switzerland.
I'm not exactly sure, but I think that tessy and louis live in Switzerland, though they spend much time in Luxembourg, of all the brothers louis is always attends all events in Luxembourg
Inspired by the remarks about the hair of prince Félix, we opened a new thread in the 'Royal House of Fashion' forum, called Hair Styles of Royal Men. We moved most posts dealing with his hair to that thread :flowers:.
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