Lady Helen and Tim Taylor and Family News 1: March 2003-March 2006

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3.Helen with brother Nicholas

4-7.IBL - Lady Helen Windsor leaving Portland Hospital after the birth of on Columbus. (London, Britain, 1994)

8.IBL - London, Britain, 25 January 2005 - Lady Helen Taylor and husband Tim Taylor at party, Sta Martin's Lane Hotel.


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What a beautiful women! Classy and stylish in her clothing choices!
Thank you all for the fantastic pictures of Lady Helen, what a truly beautiful and stylish woman.
Lady Helen Taylor Expecting

News on another forum that Lady Helen Taylor is expecting her fourth child.
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Shocking indeed...
But congratulations to her nonetheless.:)
..Again? Wasn't Eloise born beginning of this year? Well, congratulations to her. :)
moosey60 said:
..Again? Wasn't Eloise born beginning of this year? Well, congratulations to her. :)
Eloise was born in 2003. I'm not sure of the exact date though. If I remember correctly, it was either in the winter or spring. So that would put her at about a year and a half old.
Okay, I found it. Eloise was born in March of 2003. Glad to know my memory is not that rusty.

Either way, this is great news! I hope they have another little girl, so that Eloise would have a playmate. Has the royal court either confirmed or denied this?
When is Lady Heln due again? She looks about 5/6 months here, but of course her jacket looks quite heavy. I believe the little girl with the nanny(?) behind Lady Helen with her sons Cassius and Columbus is Eloise.

Source: Seegerpress


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Among all the royal wedding dresses, I rank Lady Helen's no. 1
Does anyone hve anymore pics of her beautiful wedding dress?
November 18, 2004: Lady Helen Taylor at the Lancome Colour Design Awards, she is the Armani Ambassador.


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Her wedding dress was Catherine Walker at her best! Though she wrote it was a bit of a challenge as Lady Helen kept losing weight so they were redoing the day of the wedding nerves!
Julia said:
Lady Helen gave birth on december 21th to a little girl, named Estella! Congratulations to the happy couple!
Was the baby premature? I thought she was due in February.
I don't think a date was actually given.
What great news about the birth of Estella!

December 21 ... that little arrival was kept very low key and quiet! What a great Chrismas gift for Lady Helen, Tim and their family though!
Wow, I didn't even know she was pregnant again.

They must have kept it very quiet.
Congrats to the family.
Great news and congratulations to the parents!
I have missed something! Does anyone have links to a birth announcement and some more details that they can share? Thanks.
From Hello:

5 JANUARY 2005

Lady Helen Taylor has given birth to a baby girl it was announced on Tuesday. The daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Kent who is also the face of fashion label Armani, gave birth to baby Estella, on December 21.

"Mother and baby are doing well and the Duke and Duchess of Kent are delighted with the arrival of their latest grandchild," a family spokeswoman was quoted as saying, adding: “It’s a good bit of family news after the sad loss of Sir Angus.”

The happy announcement came on the heels of the death of Sir Angus Ogilvy, 76 - husband of the Queen’s cousin Princess Alexandra - who passed away on Boxing Day after a long series of cancer-related illnesses. His funeral took place on Wednesday.

Estella is the fourth child for the 40-year-old royal and her art dealer husband Tim, who have been married since 1992. The new bundle of joy is 29th in line to the throne and joins the expanding family as a sister to Columbus, ten, Cassius, eight, and one-year-old daughter Eloise.

1. It was announced on Tuesday that Lady Helen and her husband Tim welcomed daughter Estella on December 21

2. The royal couple pictured in 1999 with sons Columbus, then five, and Cassius, then three


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Congrats Lady Helen Taylor,it's the happiness after the loss of Sir Angus Ogilvy.
Do you have any pics of the Christening of Lady Helen's children?
1.Lady Helen official´s wedding photo.

2-5.Lady helen and baby Estella


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corazon said:
Lady helen and baby Estella in Hello! cover
What a lovely baby girl she is, thank you corazon for posting!
Hope someone will get this magazine and can post all pics for
us, I would love to see them..
Does anyone know who the godparents of Lady Eloise and Estella are?
Any pics of there christening?
Claire said:
Does anyone know who the godparents of Lady Eloise and Estella are?
Any pics of there christening?

Neither Eloise nor Estella are "Lady". Just "Miss Eloise Taylor" and "Miss Estella Taylor". There are no photos of the christenings that have made their way into magazines and no info about the godparents.
Wonderful photos of Estella, Corazon! Estella is just beautiful. I was comparing her to Lady Helen and I can really see the resemblence. I think she looks a lot like her mother. I must go and search out Hello! now! They only sell it in a select few stores around here, but I always make a special trip to go and get it when a royal is featured on the cover!

Are these the only photos of Estella that have been released?
corazon said:
More Estella´s pictures.
Thank you soooo much for posting the pics, Corazon!!
I'm not able to get the magazine here, so that was
my only chance! Thanks! They are so lovely..:)
you're welcome!!! ;)
corazon said:
Lady helen and baby Estella in Hello! cover

I flipped through this issue this morning and it has lots of great pictures of Eloise and Estella, although none of the boys, Columbus and Cassius. There is one series of photos I thought were stunning -- of Helen in a long black evening dress and a heavily beaded necklace with her hair pulled back in a low bun. She is holding a sleeping Estella in her arms and Eloise is standing next to her.

Worth the buy if you're a Helen fan!
The beautiful Helen of Kent :

1. 1968 - Helen
2. 1984 - Helen
3. 2003 - Oktober - Helen
4. 2003 - March - Helen with daughter Eloise


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