Knud IV den Hellige and Adele of Flanders

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Nov 26, 2003
Name: Knud IV den Hellige

English Name: Canute the Saint

Birth: ca. 1043

Child of:Svend Estridsen

Reign: 1080 - 1086

Marriage: Adèle of Flanders, the daughter of Robert I, Count of Flanders

Children: Carl of Flanders (Charles the Good), Cæcilia, Ingegerd

Death: 10. July 1086

Throne passed to: Oluf 1. Hunger


Only Danish King to become a Saint.

Went on several trips to England in his youth, in an attempt to drive out William the Conqueror.
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New Details in a royal murder mystery

St. Canute's earthly remains show signs of so-called sharp violence agains the cranium and the pelvis. This is revealed in new examinations of Denmark's only canonized King.
- Article in Danish from Berlingske: Nye detaljer i royal mordgåde - Danmark

Basically the examinations disprove the legend which says he was stabbed to death by his enemies, none of whom wanted to give him the final blow. This was disproved by the fact that there were no jabs on the ribs, something which would have happened if there were many people doing it.

The examiner, Jesper Boldsen at University of Southern Denmark, is also taking DNA test, to see if it can be proven that Canute was related to Svein Estridsen or if it was just a myth.
Adele of Flanders was also known as Ailanda.
To the cathedral of Roskilde King Knud IV gave his own diadem.
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