King Simeon II of Bulgaria and Margarita Gomez Acebo y Cejuela, 21 January 1962

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Feb 20, 2003
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Courtship and Engagement
1. 1961: The couple. (Topfoto)
2. August 1961: The couple with Ex-Queen Giovanna, Simeon's mother. (Fotomarktplatz)
3. 4. October 1961: The couple in Spain. (Gettyimages)
5. November 13, 1961: The couple. (Topfoto)
6. December 18, 1961: The couple. (Topfoto)
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Thanks a lot for the pictures. I have never seen before pictures of Simeon's wedding.

I think it is normal...until 1990, I did not even know that we had a royal family:D
Wonderful pictures Mandy! :) Thanks for sharing them.

I have never seen pictures of either Simeon or Margarita's engagement or wedding either, so this is a real treat.
You are most welcome! I'm glad that you enjoyed the photos.
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It's funny to see how classical wedding gowns always find some ressemblence in future dresses, even if these are not directly influenced by them... 40 years later, Countess Stephanie von Bismarck-Schönhausen wore a similar version of Margarita's gown... I wonder if she ever saw any photos of this wedding.
King Simeon of Bulgaria & Donna Margarita Gomez-Acebo y Cejuela, 21 January 1962
I have much of old magazines, Hola, Oggi, Soir Illustré, De Post, Point de Vue, Noir et Blanc etc.
wow beautiful bride, thank you for photos Steven
Apparently it took some time for the wedding to get permission from the Vatican. An earlier attempt to get approval for Pss Anne d'Orléans failed in october 1960 and led her father to discourage the idylle.

The reason for it was the wedding of Simeon's parents. The Vatican only agreed to the marriage of Pss Giovanna of Italy and King Boris under the provision that their children would be raised as catholics. King Simeon was however raised as an orthodox, much to the displeasure of the curie.

Simeon was granted a private audience with pope John XXIII which lasted an hour and which has led to the Vatican withdrawing its opposition.
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Didn't Margarita Gomez-Acebo later convert to Orthodoxy?
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