King Paul I (1901-1964) and Queen Frederika (1917-1981)

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Picture of Agamenon:
They are guests of the royal to the travel in Agamenon You could help to me. Who are they?

The three woman of the medium of picture should have a age 16 or 17 years.
I think that some of woman could be sister of King Harald of Norway...and who are the men?

Maria-Olivia, Queen Ann Maria uses much the tiara with emeralds, because she has green eyes.I think I've seen this tiara at the Queen Sofia during a reception, but I haven´t found the picture. But I have found this other images of Queen Ann Maria:
Beautiful tiara...
I don't know the name of 3 women of the medium of the picture , but I saw 3 young princesses of Orléans . I saw next to the 3 ladies, Prince Victor E of Italy and the late Prince François d' Orléans.
The tiara that Queen Anne-Marie wears on the picture was the tiara of the 3 Danish Royal weddings. This tiara belonged to Queen Ingrid's mother Crown Princess Margareta from Sweden , born Princess of Great Britain.
Alexia, Anne-Marie's daughter and Benedicte's daughter wore this tiara also for their weddings.
thank you!!Maria Olivia. It is true.
I am looking the tiara of Queen Federica, At the moment I haven´t found it but I have found a tiara of Queen Federica .

I like this images. The Queen Federica with her three granddaughters. She died young.

In this picture, she had of tiara of Queen Olga

She was a very elegant woman​
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This phrase was in the book of memoirs of Queen Federika:
she said:
".. my life has been different to others people, only by my condition of Queen, but not by the emotions that I felt. I have laughed and I have cried and I have loved and I have lost and I have been desperate as the rest of the people .but I have always felt the desire to find the truth about the deep meaning of life, as well as knowing what to do with it."
Very interesting thread!
I had thought that Federika had gone off to India with Princess Irene on some sort of spiritual journey and spent quite a bit of time there -
I have often thought that Irene - being unmarried - sacrificed her marriage hopes by being a companion to her widowed mother -
I was never really aware of the time which Federika spent in Spain -
Queen Federika lived in India because she had inherited from his family properties, specifically a palace and business ...​
Before of her marry with King Pavlo, she lived in India.
I think that Irene sacrificed her marriage, for the piano and her music concerts .
I think they were very united.
For Princess Irene had to be very painful the death of his mother.
Changing the subject, I have always thought that Princess Alexia is like Queen Federika,but, the Princess has the face most round.:cool:
This is the first time that I have read this thread. She was a fascinating woman. I do see the resemblance between Queen Frederika, Queen Sofia, and Infanta Elena. I would like to know more about the spiritual journey she took to India. Does anyone have more info about this trip?
Queen Federika lived in India after leaving Greece. Her residence was in India. She did not lived in Spain, she lived in India with Princess Irene, in the palace of her family but she traveled much by the world, she accompanied to Irene in the musicals concerts of this.

When she died had arrived from London accompanied by her grandchildren Greeks to Spain, I have seen the latest video images of she with life, she was in Madrid airport, she was accompanied by the Princes Pavlo, Nikolaos and Princess Alexia, in the airport was the Queen Sofia with the princes Elena, Cristina and Felipe.
She did not traveled to India, she lived in India.

Queen Federika had a very spiritual way of thinking. Queen Sofia said that she and her family believe in the apparitions of the Virgin and spirits and in miracles .... And this is true because the Queen has many amulets against the evil eye .. she gift to Princess Alexia a ring against bad spirits

These thoughts were of the Queen Federika.The Queen Federika was very mystical
The past day , I discovered the perfume of the Queen Federika .
I was watching TV, This was a report about the luxury shops, the journalist entered into a shop of perfumes and the saleswoman said that her better client was the Queen Federika. It was a shop of CHANEL.

This was a surprise for me because I didn´t thought she was going to say "Queen Federika".
It is not the first time that I hear that the Queen Federik was one of the better clients of CHANEL​
The jewels of Queen Federica have not been sold. They were inherited by Queen Sofia and princess Irene. Except the jewels that the Queen Federica brings to the jewels house Royal of Greece, I have seen Alexia with a diadem of Queen Federica, and Queen Sofia all their crowns and jewels are of her mother.

Dear Beltraneja, let me say that Queen Frederika had to sell some of her jewels. She said in one of her books that it was very sad, because some of her jewels were historic, but they were not a rich Royal Family, and had to sell some jewels when they went into exile.
Among other things she had to sell her big diamond tiara, a big round ruby brooch and a big sapphire pendant (she didn't mention her riviere, but I have never seen Queen Sophia or Anne-Marie wear it).
Any idea who are the owners of these pieces nowadays?
She admitted it in her memories.The Queen Sofia spoke about it
I read that when they went to their exile first in Africa, Queen Federika always said that to live, she had to sell jewelry own heritage.
Even in his early years in Greece, said she had sold her jewelry assets.
All the jewels of the Queen Federik had great value because it came from the royal house of Germany.
I do not know who bought the jewelry but I imagine that those people who collect objects from the Royal family in Germany are interested in these collections of gems.
But luckily, at least the Prussian fringe tiara was kept and was beautifully worn by (at least) two stunning brides.
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I think that she sold the jewels for less historical value, because the jewels of greater historical value( family of Prussia) It are of Queen sofia.

In addition, Queen Federika inherited of the family of Prussia jewels, but her brother, the father of Ernest of Hanover, he was appropriated of the inheritance of the family. They confronted by inheritance, Queen Federika and her other brother did not received its share until many years later.In conclusion it could to have value economic but non historic
I realized this article has never been linked to this thread.
TIME Magazine Cover: Queen Frederika - Oct. 26, 1953 - Greece - Royalty
The King's Wife - TIME

Frederika comes off as very hypocritical in the article. On one hand, she tries to portray herself as a regular human, having a normal life at school, but then she definitely seems to believe the monarchy's given right to rule. She also is very smug and elitist about her royal blood: "It was unthinkable, she told schoolmates later in life, that she would ever be permitted to marry beneath her own exalted station."
I find her conversation with Winston Churchill (about how her father would be king if Queen Victoria hadn't lived) very ironic because she herself was a descendant of Victoria.
The Time article was very interesting. I rushed to a dictionary to find the meaning of "lutidity", which F. was prized for having. Apparently that's not a real word, maybe they meant lucidity!
to continue... some of these photos are of historical value...

dancing with King Paul
Flickr Photo Download: Dancing Sirtaki King and Queen of Greece

in a car with the King
King Paul and Queen Frederika of Greece on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

looking at her grandson
Königin Friederike mit Königin Anne-Marie und Prinzessin Alice von Griechenland on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

I was looking for this photo for ages....Frederica with her brothers, wearing the Nazi symbols
Flickr Photo Download: Prinzessin Friederike von Hannover / Princess Friederike of Hanover later Queen Frederica of Greece

as a little girl
Prinzessin Friederike von Hannover / Princess Friederike of Hanover as child / later Queen Frederica of Greece on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Prinzessin Friederike von Hannover / Princess Friederike of Hanover later Queen Frederica of Greece on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

with her mother
Herzogin Viktoria Luise von Hannover mit Tochter Friederike on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Duchess of Brunswick-Luneburg, Herzogin Viktoria Luise von Braunschweig mit Tochter Friederike on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
and her father
Herzog und Herzogin von Braunschweig und Lüneburg mit ihrer Tochter Friederike on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

with her brother and his wife (she was the youngest daughter of Prince Andrew of Greece and thus sister of Philip, husbanf of QEII)
Königin Friederike von Griechenland , Queen of Greece on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

F with greek women in traditional costumes
Königin Friederike von Griechenland, Young Queen Frederica of Greece on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

a royal portrait, the jewels are fantastic
Königin Friederike von Griechenland , Queen of Greece on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

I have never seen these marvellous jewels. What do you say?
Flickr Photo Download: Königin Friederike von Griechenland, Queen Frederica of Greece
F in a greek village taking care of those who were hurt by the civil war (1946-1950)
Königin Friederike von Griechenland, Queen Frederica of Greece on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

F with a poor woman and child
Königin Friederike von Griechenland, Queen Frederica of Greece on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
thank you!!thank you!! by pictures.

Queen Federika had a unique personality, she reminds me of Queen Elizabeth II.
I think that the Queen Federika did a exceptional work by Greece after the war, she was the promoter of tourism in Greece, she turned tourism into a source of wealth for Greece.
She did unique work to Greece as part of the Marshall plan ... BUT, she never had to enter in politics as she did, she never had to travel to London because it had forbidden the government .. she did not behave well
It is enchanting to discover all these interesting photos of Königin Friederike. Tank you.
This picture is the baptism of Princess Irene, it is in southafrica
from left to right:

Imageshack - tatiana001

Mis Smuts, Princess Katherine of Greece, Princess Federika, Princess Marie of Greece
the men:
Prince Dominick Rasziwill (father of Princess Tatiana), George , Pavlo and Mrs. Smuts with Irene.
Children: Tatiana Raziwill, Queen Sofia and Constantine.
Tatiana is the daughter Princess Eugenie and Prince Dominick Rasziwill
She is second cousin of King Constantine ... Her husband was in the surgery of King Constantine. He is Doctor

Imageshack - image003c

Other picture

I saw it in pictures Emmeleia but this photo has a different angle, it looks good to the Queen Federika

Imageshack - ladykater
Who were Mr and Mrs Smuts?
He was a friend of the Kings of Greece, he was Army General English, and his position was in South Africa ,Prime Minister of the British rule in South Africa.
The royal family lived on a Villa called "Irene" in South Africa, it was of the Family Smuts
Oh, ok, Field Marshal Jan Christiaan Smuts. Thanks, Beltraneja.
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Do you think that Princess Irini was named after the villa at which her parents stayed?
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