King Michael's Health & Transfer of Duties

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There seems no point in speculating about King Michael's living arrangements since his wife's death, nor to infer anything untoward concerning the arrangements as they stand.
We can't be indifferent of the situation of the King.
We can't be indifferent of the situation of the King.

We're not indifferent, but there's a time and place for everything, and without any information at all, there's no basis to assume anything at this stage. I think it's safe to assume that the only thing on the mind of the Royal Family at this stage, is that the King is as well as can be, and that the Queen is laid to rest in a dignified and appropriate way.
The idea that the Parliament should recognize with the new project of law HM the King as Head of the Royal House is ridiculuos. He has been Head of that House since 1940. He needs to be restored on the Throne. Obviously now nobody speaks anymore about more "trasfer of power" from the King to his eldest daughter.
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King Michael's Health & Transfer of Duties

The King is not reigning and only has "soft power."

What His Majesty did is make it known that Crown Princess Margarita would be taking over his public responsibilities.

In that way, it is almost equivalent to the establishment of a regency: the King is not well, and his heir must act on his behalf.

Message of His Majesty the King, 1 March 2016

In the last few weeks, I have received news of a serious medical diagnosis. The situation has arisen in the year in which the Royal Family and Romania celebrate the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Dynasty and the modern Romanian State.

I am confident that my daughter, Margareta, the Custodian of the Crown, will find the wisdom and the strength to represent me and to fulfil all my public activities.

I have asked the Royal Council to continue to serve their mission and to provide their advice to the Custodian of the Crown.

Michael R

1 March 2016
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The fact that Princess Margareta represents the King is not something new. It is ompirtant that the King remains the Head of the Royal Family.
The King is almost ninety-five years old. He is ill with cancer. His wife of sixty-eight years has just died.

King Michael is a thoroughly good man.

But he is mortal, as are we all.
Until he is alive he is a symbol of Romania. He is very respected even by the so called republicans. After him everything will change.
Until he is dead?

Other kings have abdicated or stepped down for health, Albert for instance. I am not a fan of 'old should retire so the CP can stop waiting' attitude some have about Elizabeth and others, but health reasons? A man well into his 90's, with 2 forms of cancer, should be able to make what decisions needed.

But Margareta has been stepping up for years. And since there is no actual monarchy, I guess no real need for official change. Her day will come.
The Monarchy has not been restored so no Parliament in Monarchy decided to abolish the Salic Law.
After the King theoretically the Crown should pass to the Hohenzollerns of Siegmarongen even if many royalists support the King's grandson, Nicholas de Roumanie Medforth Mills.
The Monarchy has not been restored so no Parliament in Monarchy decided to abolish the Salic Law.
After the King theoretically the Crown should pass to the Hohenzollerns of Siegmarongen even if many royalists support the King's grandson, Nicholas de Roumanie Medforth Mills.

There is no crown to pass on.
There is no Hohenzollern interest in the Romanian throne.
There is no request from Romania for any Hohenzollern to come to Romania and campaign for the monarchy.

There are self-declared supporters of the monarchy who fight against any logical progress, any change that would allow the Royal Family to continue and any change made by any other monarchy in Europe, to be suggested by the Romanian King. A gold star to anyone who can explain that one.

There is an old and frail King, who asks his supporters to respect his wishes and accept his eldest daughter as his heir. In 2016, centuries and centuries after women ruled England, Russia, Japan and other monarchies in the world, how is it so hard for certain people to accept that it is natural for succession to go to a daughter, at the very least when a son is unavailable?

I wonder if these supporters would have these same views if they themselves only had daughters, and were told, by law, that all their properties would be scattered to the winds, or their claims to a business, land or property would be sent to the State, or to some distant relation never seen, just to ensure a man would benefit and the women kept from it.

There is no crown to pass on, it's abolished. The claim on it, is in the hands of the Royal Family, who are the only ones who do anything in Romania to advocate the restoration of the monarchy and raise the profile of the institution.
I hope the King, in his perilous state, is proud of the work done by his daughter in this regard, and maybe those zealots who claim to support the cause he personally represents, could open their ears and minds to the Kings wisdom of updating and adapting an institution that cannot function in our day, without becoming part of it.
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OT posts have been deleted. This thread is dedicated to the King, his health and the transfer of duties.
There is no recent photo of the King this year,no new medical bulletin at all.
Since when there are actual news the Royal Family makes them known, I'd hazard a guess that the recent silence means that there aren't news on the King's situation.
Certainly the king was represented by his eldest daughter at different events because of his health issues.
Nobody said when the King will cone back to his country.
I hope that King's children are with him. I feel terribly for him, having cancer and being a recent widower.
A church official responsible for construction and preservation at Curtea de Argeş has given an interview about a recent conversation with Prince Radu.

The prince intimated that the health of his father-in-law, King Michael, is continuing to decline, which is not surprising given the circumstances.

It is not expected that the King will survive beyond the beginning of next year.

Primary source: „Principele Radu mi-a explicat că starea de sănătate a regelui Mihai este într-o continuă degradare”

Other reports:
Vești triste din Elveția. „Anul acesta poate să se încheie și cu decesul Regelui Mihai
Principele Radu a anunțat că urmează înmormântarea Regelui Mihai
70 years ago King Mihai I was forced to abdicate when the communists threatened to kill 1000 students:

Due to the death of King Michael this thread can be closed.
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