King Michael (1921-2017) and Queen Anne (1923-2016) of Romania

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Arms of the Kingdom of Romania

Welcome to the thread about King Michael and Queen Anne of Romania

Commencing January 17th, 2018

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He himself signed for it. "Under pressure" is the official propaganda, of course.
I've been reviewing this video of the King's funeral and I was impressed. Impressed by the number of members of royal families who were present, thousands of people shouting "Live to the King" and at the end of the video a person with a poster that said "Live to the King". I have no doubt, Romania would have won much more if they had let the King reign until the end.
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Paul Palencsar has put this video to Youtube, he discusses about king Mihai with Marilena Rotaru.

Marilena Rotaru confirmed to me that she made historical truth the mission of her life. Together we made a special edition of the show "Spatiiul Libertăţii", at Epoch Times Romania, dedicated to King Mihai I of Romania, two years after his death. On November 25, 1991, at Versoix, Marilena Rotaru conducted her first interview with King Mihai.
Today marks four years since the passing of Queen Ana . Her Majesty Margareta and her sisters, Princesses Elena, Irina, Sofia and Maria send a mother an unforgettable thought.

King Mihai's Car Workshop opens to the public
Starting with Friday, July 23, 2021, the Car Workshop of King Mihai I is open to the public. Visitors to the Săvârșin Royal Estate can see the car workshop, located in the original building, from the 1940s, next to the Royal Park, the Automobile Museum, the Souvenir Shop and the Royal Village.
Se deschide publicului Atelierul Auto al Regelui Mihai – Savarsin
How a lot of paintings of Him and also Queen Anne at Elisabeta Palace and for Nicolae Book Event.
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