King Harald And Queen Sonja News and Pictures: November 2003 - August 2004

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I wonder if she and the king will go to Athens for the olympic games as well...or if they will send the "younger league"??
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She does look cool and with that white suit as well. Sonja is hip! :p

King Harald and Queen Sonja of Norway have embarked on a four-day official visit to Greece as the country prepares for this August's 2004 Summer Olympics.

Welcoming ceremonies with Greek president Costis Stephanopoulos at the presidential mansion in Athens on Tuesday were followed by opportunities to explore some of the region's most famous attractions.

Queen Sonja seems to making the most of the royal couple's first-ever state visit to Greece, taking in such historic sights as the Parthenon, a masterpiece of Greek architecture dating back to 447 BC.

Meanwhile, Hollywood star Sean Connery was busy checking out a spot that may soon make history, as it hosts some of the world's top athletes. The 007 legend toured the Athens Olympic Stadium. The showpiece building, topped by an ultra-modern steel and glass roof, was set to be tested by the crème-de-la-crème of Greek sportsmen and women on Thursday in a three-day trial of the facility.
Queen Sonja on crutches

Queen Sonja has undergone another operation on her left foot, her fourth such surgery in as many years. She was quickly back on the job, however, appearing on crutches Wednesday evening for the opening of the World Carillion Congress in Oslo's City Hall.

The queen, an active hiker and skier for many years, has been plagued by pain in both feet since the late 1990s. She underwent fairly major surgery on her left foot four years ago and was on crutches for six weeks that time.

A year later doctors operated on her right foot and she was off work for three months, only to undergo a "corrective" operation on the same foot six months later.

Now it's her left foot that apparently has been bothering her this past spring, but she never let on that she was in pain. She attended royal weddings in Denmark and Spain, walked up to the Acropolis in Athens during a state visit earlier this month and also undertook several other official trips, with the only hint being her use of wide shoes without high heels.

She underwent surgery at Norway's National Hospital (Rikshospitalet) Friday after a week of public appearances. She nonetheless was on hand Wednesday for the World Carillion Congress, and planned to travel to Førde Thursday for an international folk music festival.

But now summer holidays loom. It's expected she'll spend her 67th birthday Sunday at her family's summer home at Mågerø, south of Oslo, which generally serves as the royal family's summer holiday base.

King Harald, meanwhile, is due to sail in regattas in Spain both this month and next. He's already taken off on summer holiday, because Crown Prince Haakon is scheduled to lead this week's Council of State on Friday.

Queen Sonja arrived for a public appearance on crutches Wednesday evening. To the right is Oslo Mayor Per Ditlev-Simonsen.

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I wonder if she has had operations to remove her bunions, or that big knob of bone that sticks out at the inside of the foot, at the bottom of the big toe, on account of a lady's long term preference of wearing (too?) pointed shoes?
Originally posted by King Christian@Jul 1st, 2004 - 1:40 pm
I wonder if she has had operations to remove her bunions, or that big knob of bone that sticks out at the inside of the foot, at the bottom of the big toe, on account of a lady's long term preference of wearing (too?) pointed shoes?
It certainly can't be a good thing to wear pointy high heel shoes too much. My podatrist told me that heels higher than 3 inches are very bad for your feet & back. I'm supposed to wear close toe shoes that are less than 3 inches and because of my flat feet I am not supposed to wear sandals at all. :blush: I don't always follow the rules but I pay the price (oh the pain).

I wonder, are there any other queens or princesses with foot problems? And if yes what do they do to be able to wear such nice shoes? You think they get theit shoes made special (not all of course) for them?
She is one of my favorite queens of all time. Apart from the fact that she is beautiful, stylish and skilled in various aspects, she is always determined to do her task as the Queen of Norway.

She is indeed very hardworking despite the problems regarding her feet.
Her birthday is hours away. I hope we can get some pictures. I know she would celebrate it privately with the Royal Family.
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