King Harald and Queen Sonja Current Events, Part 3: January 2021 -

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28.06.2023 Audience
His Majesty The King grants The Prime Minister audience (10:40).

Extraordinary Council of State
His Majesty The King presides over an extraordinary Council of State at the Royal Palace (11:00).
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King Harald attended a commemoration for lost Norwegian war sailors in Oslo this evening, November 2:

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As much as i love King Harald, a part of me wonders if he really should do these outhouse-engagements in the cold norwegian winter weather when has been on sick-leave 3 times recently for upper respiratory infection… ?
Queen Sonja attended the opening concert of the "Year of the Orchestra" in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Youth Orchestra Federation (UNOF) this evening, January 27:

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King Harald welcomed Swiss President Viola Amherd for an audience in Oslo today, February 8:

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Queen Sonja visited the municipalities Skaun and Melhus in Trøndelag county today, April 16:

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King Harald received the Ambassadors of Argentina, Costa Rica and Sweden today, April 25:

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Yesterday, May 3, Queen Sonja attended the opening of the exhibition of Italian Artist Davide Rivalta's Sculptures at Oscarshall:

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Queen Sonja participated in the opening of the Fantastic Guides exhibition.

King Harald received the President of the Parliament of Estonia Lauri Hussar for an audience today, June 6:

Last week Queen Sonja presented The 2024 Queen Sonja Print Awards in Bodø, the Palace today shared a short video:

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