King Constantine I (1868-1923) and Sophie of Prussia (1870-1932)

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The grandparents of Constantine II and his sisters and I belive queen Sofia of Spain was actually named after her grandmother.
yes it was, it was one tradition in Greece. And the Crown Prince of Kings Constantine- sofia was George as his grandfather the King George. Princess Irene was born in wartime, it was customary to put the name of Irene, because it means peace. stated;
Constantine I of Greece was named after his mother's father, the Grand Duke Constantine of Russia. It was also a name of great significance for the Greeks and those patriots who had espoused the Megali Idea of a united Greek people led from Constantinople.

King Constantine I in Thesalonika in 1913.
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When she was Crown Princess of Greece, Sophie joined the Greek Orthodox Church of her husband Constantine. Emperor Wilhelm II claimed that Sophie entirely refused to acknowledge her brother as Head of her Family and the Church. He banned Sophie from returning to Germany.
However, when Prince Constantine had formally asked Wilhelm for Sophie's hand in marriage, he received the Emperor's support.
Queen Sophie had a politcal controversy with her brother Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany.
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