King Constantine (1940 - 2023)

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How lovely that such a large number of the Spanish royal family was present yesterday. Not only Felipe, Letizia, Elena and Cristina were present for the memorial service for their uncle (next to Sofia and Juan Carlos as sister and brother-in-law) but Cristina was accompanied by her eldest son Juan Valentin.
This morning, in London, at the Orthodox Cathedral, Crown Prince Pavlos gave a speech remembering his father, he thanked King Charles for organizing the memorial for his father in Windsor.
It was wonderful to see so many members of the British,Greek,Spanish and Danish RF present at St George's chapel for the memorial.
The Banish Royal family was represented by HRH Princess Benedikte. She was sitting next to King Juan Carlos. Her Son and Her Daughter were also there but privately.
Now we know why William didn't attend. I hope that all those out there telling how William should be ashamed of himself are now ashamed of themselves.

It was still a very bad call for William to not attend. It is understandable that William was going through, and processing, a lot at that moment but William lacks the understanding his father and grandparents have/had in the importance of carrying on and appearing steady. He just needed to appear for one hour, he just had to give one hour of appearing fine, and so much of the media discourse would have been avoided. Looking at it now, the cost of not attending was far greater than the personal cost William would have endured by attending. William, like Harry, often let their disdain of the media get in the way of making balanced decisions.
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