King Alfonso VII of León and Castile and wifes (Queen Berenguela and Queen Riquilde)

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Imperial Majesty
Jan 9, 2013
Alfonso VII (1 March 1105 – 21 August 1157), called the Emperor (el Emperador), became the King of Galicia in 1111 and King of León and Castile in 1126. Alfonso, born Alfonso Raimúndez, first used the title Emperor of All Spain, alongside his mother Urraca, once she vested him with the direct rule of Toledo in 1116. Alfonso later held another investiture in 1135 in a grand ceremony reasserting his claims to the imperial title. He was the son of Urraca of León and Raymond of Burgundy, the first of the House of Ivrea to rule in the Iberian peninsula.

Alfonso was a dignified and somewhat enigmatic figure. His rule was characterised by the renewed supremacy of the western kingdoms of Christian Iberia over the eastern (Navarre and Aragón) after the reign of Alfonso the Battler. Though he sought to make the imperial title meaningful in practice to both Christian and Muslim populations, his hegemonic intentions never saw fruition. During his tenure, Portugal became de facto independent, in 1128, and was recognized as de jure independent, in 1143. He was a patron of poets, including, probably, the troubadour Marcabru.

King of León, Castile and Galicia:
Reign: 1126 – 1157
Coronation: 1135 in the Cathedral of León
Predecessor: Urraca
Successor: Sancho III (Castile)
Ferdinand II (León)
Born: 1 March 1105, Caldas de Reis
Died: 21 August 1157 (aged 52), Sierra Morena
Burial: Cathedral of Toledo
Spouses: Berenguela of Barcelona
Richeza of Poland
Sancho III, King of Castile
Ferdinand II, King of Léon
Constance, Queen of France
Sancha, Queen of Navarre
Sancha, Queen of Aragon
(illeg.) Urraca, Queen of Navarre
(illeg.) Stephanie Alfonso
House: House of Burgundy
Father: Raymond, Count of Galicia
Mother: Urraca, Queen of León and Castile
Religion: Roman Catholicism

Berengaria of Barcelona
Queen consort of León and Castile
Tenure: 1128–1149
Born: c. 1116, Barcelona
Died: 15 January 1149, Palencia
Burial: 15 January 1149
Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela
Spouse: Alfonso VII of León and Castile
House: Barcelona
Father: Ramon Berenguer III, Count of Barcelona
Mother: Douce I, Countess of Provence
Religion: Roman Catholicism

Riquilde of Poland, Queen consort of León and Castile
Born: c. 1140
Died: 16 June 1185 (aged 44–45)
Spouse: Alfonso VII of León and Castile
Ramon Berenguer II, Count of Provence
Albert III, Count of Eberstein
Issue: Sancha of Castile, Queen of Aragon
Douce II, Countess of Provence
Albert IV, Count of Everstein
Konrad II, Count of Everstein
House: Silesian Piasts
Father: Władysław II the Exile
Mother: Agnes of Babenberg,_Queen_of_Castile
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