King Albert and Queen Paola: Picture Thread

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Thank you for the wonderful photos!

While her children are attractive, it's a real pity none of them come anywhere close to approaching their mother's superb looks.
Thank you so much for all those beautiful old pictures you post (and have been posting for years, on the message boards to), Catherine. It is really appreciated!

And my goodness, what a beautiful woman Paola was!
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Just before their wedding a garden party was given at the palace of Laeken to present Paola to the authorities and the population. (De Post - thanks to Chris)

1. king Leopold III with princess Marie Gabrielle of Savoie
2. queen Marie José and king Umberto of Italy
3. prince Carl Bernadotte

Wow Prince Carl of Bernadotte... He was relatives near royal family of Belgium and Sweden,Norway. Prince Carl Bernadotte was brother to Queen Astrid of Belgium. Who Prince Carl Bernadotte beside with wife or friends?? Wife Elsa or Ann Larsson?
What we know about Delphine Boel the illegitimate dauhter of the king Alberto from Belgium? Is that true? Does somebody have the king's granddaughter's pictures?
I agree, Paola was really beautiful! Albert was kinda handsome too, but he hasn't aged nearly as well as Paola. :sad:
And didn't someone say Albert cheated on Paola? Pfff, he doesn't deserve her if that's true! :mad:

Prince Phillip definately has his father's profile, but luckily Phillip & Mathilde's children look more like Paola. ;)
Paola in her young age was really stunning (now she is too :lol: ) Was Paola before marriage royal? I know, it doesnt belong here, but I'd like to know it.
Thanks in advance :flowers:
mims111 said:
Paola in her young age was really stunning (now she is too :lol: ) Was Paola before marriage royal? I know, it doesnt belong here, but I'd like to know it.
Thanks in advance :flowers:

I read somewhere that before her (i could be wrong here but i'm pretty sure i read somehwhere that her marriage to Albert was arranged...i don't know, anyway)....
Paola grew up in Rome.
Princess Dona Paola Ruffo di Calabria
Prince Fulco Ruffo di Calabria, 6th Duke of Guardia Lombarda, a WWI flying ace
Countess Luisa Gazelli di Rossana e di Sebastiano
Love the old family pictures of Paola and Albert and their young family of their children. Love to see all the old pictures before the newer gereation. Thanks a bunch Judy
Absolutely, utterly stunning! I've just come across all these photos of young Paola and I feel like I've found a new treasure!
Paola would have been the perfect Bond-girl for the earlier glamarous Sean Connery James Bond movies...sigh. Great covers again redferns, thanks for posting them.
Definitely a real "60's style" beauty. I love looking at covers from that era and Paola was one of the most beautiful royals.:flowers:
Thanks a lot redfurns, great pictures of covers. i never knew that Paola was that popular in the european press i the 60-ties. She was a wonderfull covergirl anyway :)
In this picture, Prince Amedeo looks a bit like his grandmother. I always thought he looked like his father!
Stunning, stunning, stunning is all I can say! I wish I had been old enough in the Sixties to appreciate all this beauty and TRUE glamour....none of these starlets and personalities today even come close!
I read somewhere that Queen Paola was the first royal to be photographed in a bikini. Is this true?

If so, not only was she a beautiful young woman, but a slightly rebellious one at that- I think she maybe one of my favorite royals ever!
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