Jewellery of Male Royals

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Count Lennart Bernadotte writes in his memoirs about the jewels his grandfather King Gustav V of Sweden used to wear. I'll try to translate it from the book when I have the time if people are interested.

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Prince Albert the Prince Consort started a new trend in wearing watches.
He liked a simple chain attached to his vest through a button hole.
The excess length of the chain draped across Albert's vest.
Yes JR76 that would be interesting to see what King Gustav V wore. He used a monacle sometimes if I remember.
King William IV of England had buckles surrounded by two rows of brilliant cut diamonds with his cypher of WR surmounted by a crown on one, and that of Queen Adelaide on the other.
Harry's Bracelets

Prince Harry seems to wear one or two bracelets on his right arm. Does anyone know anything about this?
I know the metal bracelet, at least, was from a trip the boys took to Africa with Prince Charles in 1997 after Diana's death. I'm pretty sure it's the only one he wore at his wedding. I am unsure about the other he typically wears.
Any information on the signet ring Crown Prince Haakon wears? Perhaps similar tradition as the PoW and his signet ring? IMG_6740.JPG
The Duke of Cambridge does not remove his watch.
The only jewelry I've seen Crown Prince Frederik is a watch and his wedding ring (on his left ring finger). He never takes that ring off for anything, except when diving.
The Swedish Royal Court has told to the press a long time ago, that king Carl Gustaf has chosen, for many, many years, to wear his wedding ring on his little finger together with his other ring.
In TV4's documentary "Tronen", the King now tells about the other ring:
- Yes, this is, well, you can call it a coat of arms ring simply. You can't see it, but it's the Bernadotte coat of arms engraved here and there is actually a crown prince's crown, he says.
The ring:
Sanningen om kungens vigselring – bär två ringar _ Hänt
It is not too often we took about Royal Men Jewelry but we now have more info on the bracelet, Frederik wore on his proclamation day

Displayed at an exhibition we now know it was a gift from his children.
"Bracelets worn to the Proclamation, 2024. A personal gift from four children to their father,' reads the initial sign on the sign, which continues:
'Full of hopes and love. The bracelet is worn by Frederik 10th for the proclamation on the balcony of Christiansborg Castle. Below on the Palace square are the cheering crowds. By his side the base itself: Queen Mary and their four children,' it reads. "
What a lovely gift. I admit to wondering what the bracelet was when I saw it, but I assumed it was something he'd had for a while, and I just never noticed it before.
A ring presented to Queen Victoria by a Greek delegation for her son Prince Alfred of Edinburgh at the time in 1863 that he was being considered as a candidate for the Greek throne, is still in the Royal Collection.

When Prince Alfred came on a visit to Australia in 1867/68 he had some photographs taken, including close-ups. In one that I’ve seen he has his hands folded in front of him and they are full of heavy gold and bejewelled rings on every digit except his thumbs! In fact I’ve never seen so many rings on a man’s hand since the days of the later Elvis in concert!

Some upperclass Victorian men did wear jewellery in the 1860s as I’ve read several biographies where it’s mentioned including the Tichbourne Claimant case. Jewelled studs were worn on shirts in that period in place of buttons in some cases.
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