Is It Time to Change the Banner?

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Serene Highness
Jun 19, 2003
I think it's time to change the banner. I remember when there was a contest here and people voted on the ones submitted by members. That was a fun thing to do. Nothing wrong with the one we have but now and then, when one opens a site, it's always nice to be surprised by the changes made with it. Makes a person think that a site is growing, moving along with the times. :D

I understand the kind of work volunteers put in here and it's really much appreciated by all. Just a suggestion for the distant future. :flowers:
I think it might be time to change the banner too, although I like the logo on the left.
Perhaps a possible new design would be more inclusive and would include more Royals, especially ones that joined the Royal Families after the original banner was created.
The logo on the left should definitely stay - it's beautiful and quite regal.

This said, I'm rather fond of the current banner: it's so TRF, sort of instantly recognizable.
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Yeah i was also thinking the same, the banner shouls be changed
Good idea to change the banner to keep it fresh.
It would be great to see the banner change - at least with updated photographs - QE2 hasn't had that haircolour for donkey's years! I too think the logo on the left is great - it's exactly right!
At the moment the owner of the forum is busy in creating a new lay out for this, and hios other forums. In the process the banner will probably change to. For the moment we don't know what the new lay out will be precisely. it is best to wait with a new banner until the new lay out will be sorted out. It will take some time however.
I'd rather he not mess with the layout! I like that just fine and know where everything is, etc.
'Layout' referring to the visual appearance (called the "skin") rather than a re-arrangement. It's to do with the overall design and colours of the site.
As an example, see one of TRF's sister-sites:
Another example to look at is (another sister site). As you can see it looks and feels like a cooking site. We are going to get a new skin for TRF and it's going to look and feel like a Royal site. So be patient a new look and feel will be here soon. Stay tuned for more details.

If you want a new banner for the top right until the new skin rolls out, that's fine. I can change it anytime.
Andy I can't wait to see what you have in store for us. Thanks for the link to the RV site Warren my brother in law will love it.
I like the The Royal Forums in the top left corner. But possible more royals in the top right. :flowers:
It's good to change something since time ti time.
I like the left part of the banner. It could be little bigger.
On the right side could be something different like mix of jewels and royals or smth like that.
I'm completely outnumbered here but I like the banner the way it is.
Everyone seems so full of ideas...

Maybe the creative ones among you can make some examples of how they'd want it to be, and then we can see what we can do with the suggestions :flowers:
I like the logo on the left but it would be nice for something different on the right
I don't dislike the banner but I think an update is always good ..... who owns the site am I allowed to ask?

The board is owned by Andy R.
He's made a post in this thread.
I, too, like everything here just the way it is, but it's Andy R's site, and I'm a very grateful to be his guest here. :flowers:
Nothing wrong with the present banner but a new banner would look just as good. Thanks to the person who will make the new banner.
I like the logo very much, and so I hope that it will be part of a new banner. A change is always nice once in a while.:flowers:
Might it soon be time for a new banner, with two royal weddings coming up (Monaco and UK) and a new CP couple (Sweden)? Pretty please?
Might it soon be time for a new banner, with two royal weddings coming up (Monaco and UK) and a new CP couple (Sweden)? Pretty please?
We have so many talented and creative members, so maybe we could have a little banner contest. It would be fun if everybody could discuss and vote for their prefered banner. Maybe there could even be a regular contest? Or we could have banners refering to specific events, themes, etc?
An updated banner would be wonderful!!! and I agree that theme banners for big events would be really cool.
It would be nice if our banner included Albert with Charlene,Caroline,Stephanie,William and Catherine.Theme banners would be great!:flowers:
Please, a new banner

The banner is nice. Thank You! But it´s not up to date. Pleas give us a new one with the newest Royals.
Yes, I would like to see the banner changed to reflect the new couples.
We can change the banner soon enough since it would be nice if some new couples would be included indeed. But it will be for a relatively short period indeed, as there are plans to give the entire forum a new skin. But fot the time being it will be nice to see a new one, so we are working on that. Thanks for the idea!
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