Influence of Women on The Imperial Succession

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While looking for a good (English) reference about Hōjō Masako, my Google search showed this books.

I haven't read it (and I don't think the nearest library where I am now has it), but from what I can read on its preview on Google Book, it tells about several influential woman figures in Japanese history if anyone interested to read it:

Women in Changing Japan, Stanford University Press, 1978, ISBN: 0804709718, 9780804709712

Samurai Women 1184–1877, by Stephen Turnbull, Osprey Publishing, ISBN 1846039517, 9781846039515
Heroic with Grace: Legendary Women of Japan, by Chieko Irie Mulhern, Routledge, 2015, ISBN 1317468678, 9781317468677
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