Infanta Maria de la Paz, Princess Ludwig Ferdinand of Bavaria

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Jun 23, 2009
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I recently finished reading 'Through Four Revolutions', published in 1932, a biography of the Spanish Infanta Maria de la Paz, who became the Bavarian Princess Ludwig Ferdinand upon marriage. I really enjoyed this book. As an American, it was especially interesting to read accounts of the Spanish-American War and World War I from the point of view of "the other side". I also feel like I got a really good sense of who the princess really was, since so much of the book was made up of her letters and diary entries.
The princess lived rather simply and spent her life promoting peace among the European nations.

I am wondering if anyone knows if Princess Ludwig Ferdinand's diaries and/or letters are available anywhere (a library?) for public review? Because of her positions as a patriotic German, and also as an active promoter of peace, I would really like to know her thoughts and feelings about World War II (She died after the war). Does anyone have any information, or even ideas about where I could look for this?
Royal Anniversary-December 4th,1946 - Death of Infanta María de la Paz of Spain,Princess of Bavaria.

The Infanta María de la Paz was a daughter of Isabella II of Spain and Francisco de Asis de Borbón.In April,1883 she married Prince Ludwig of Bavaria and had several children,3 of whom survived infancy. The Infanta died aged 84 in Munich where she was buried at the royal crypt of Saint Michael's church in Munich.

Since she's Isabella's daughter, it's interesting to wonder about her paternity. Apparently the most likely candidate lived in her house as an older man and left her all his possessions?
All the events The Infanta Maria lived through

Revolution of 1868
Exile of Isabella II
Abdication of Isabella II 1870
First Spanish Republic 1873
Restoration of the Borbon Monarchy 1874
Second Spanish Republic 1931
Spanish Civil War
Dictatorship of General Franco 1939-
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