HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco to visit Ireland - 2011

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Jun 30, 2009
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HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco to visit Ireland

Following in his parents & sister Caroline's footsteps,Prince Albert is to pay a visit to Ireland later this year .The Irish have a soft spot for the House of Grimaldi :)

Corkman to thank for Prince’s visit | Irish Examiner
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Glistening Seas

:hellokitty: that's good news!!! the pics of PA golfing in the past have been great. Was Pss Grace a good golfer?? Does anyone know if PA is good at golf. that is not an easy sport!! Ireland is indeed such a pretty place so the scenery should be spectacular!!:popcorn:
:hellokitty: that's good news!!! the pics of PA golfing in the past have been great. Was Pss Grace a good golfer?? Does anyone know if PA is good at golf. that is not an easy sport!! Ireland is indeed such a pretty place so the scenery should be spectacular!!:popcorn:

I don't know if he's a good golfer,but the visit will no doubt do wonders for Irish Tourism .

I'd like to see a Grimaldi sitting on the vacant Irish throne in Dublin Castle :p
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What a great proposal, I wish Mr. Murphy the very best of luck with the event.
From The Cork News www.thecorknews.ie

Cork’s Mick Murphy finalises plans for royal visit

Plans are now being finalised for Prince Albert II of Monaco to visit Ireland later this year to mark the 25th anniversary of the Princess Grace Irish Library, Monaco founded in memory of his late mother, Princess Grace two years after her tragic death.
The visit, the brainchild of Cork Green Party Spokesperson on Community Development Mick Murphy, is also expected to include a Golf Classic at the K Club in Kildare.

Mr. Murphy told the Cork News, “Following my letter to the Irish Hon. Consul to Monaco and K Club owner Dr. Michael Smurfit seeking the use of the world famous club, and my letter to HSH Prince Albert seeking his backing for the event I am delighted with the positive response of both parties”.
The Director of Foreign Affairs of the Principality (Departement Des Relations Exterieures) wrote to me supporting the plan and asked that I work with the Monegasque Director of Tourism, Monsieur Michel Bouquier, and with the Monaco Consul in Ireland Mr. Howard Kilroy.

My meeting with Mr. Kilroy in Dublin advanced the project considerably as he brought on board one of the most experienced event management companies, HOB Management in Europe to work on the event.” He continued, following contacts I made with Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary, European Media Partners Europeanirish.com, and the Irish Hotels Federation and Tourism Ireland, I am delighted that all the above are supporting the project.
I presented Monsieur Bouquier with a book entitled Maritime Paintings of Cork 1700-2000”, as well as details of the oldest yacht club in the world, the Royal Cork Yacht Club to make a case for the Prince to visit the Cork region as part of his first official visit to Ireland.

I have just received an email from Dr. Michael Smurfit to say that he has spoken directly to the Prince regarding the visit.” Murphy is now working with Colonel Bruno Philipponnat, aide to the Prince on the organization of the event, which is expected to provide a welcome boost to tourism, attracting hundreds of yachting enthusiasts to Irish ports

In his letter to Mr. Smurfit, Murphy pointed out that despite strong Irish links and direct flights from Cork to Nice, Cote d’ Azur International Airport, which is only a 20 minute drive from Monaco, the principality remains untapped in terms of Irish tourism.

Opened in November 1984 by Prince I Rainier III of Monaco as his tribute to the attachment Princess Grace (1929-1982) felt for her Irish origins, the Princess Grace Irish Library is situated a short walk from the Palace on the Rock of Monaco.
It was during the 1961 State Visit to Ireland that the Prince and Princess of Monaco visited her ancestral home where the Princess’s grandfather John Kelly was born in 1857, a few years after the Famine. He emigrated to the United States in the late 19th century and founded what was to become one of Philadelphia’s leading companies.

Princess Grace’s personal collection of Irish books (most of which line the walls of her Palace office) and Irish-American sheet music form the very heart of the Library’s collections.

Many of the volumes are from the library of leading, Irish diplomat Count Gerald Edward O’Kelly de Gallach (1890-1968) which Princess Grace purchased in the 1970s. Books inscribed to the Prince and Princess by former Irish president Eamon De Valera in 1961 are also on view at the Library.
Since the Library’s inauguration, nine thousand books have been acquired or donated by benefactors and visitors – including works from the Irish literary revival (1892-1922), and an excellent selection of contemporary writings – many signed by the authors.
That's so good news! Albert is going to the land of his ancestors :flowers:
Prince Albert invited as guest of honour at golf tournament in Ireland

A doll donated by Princess Grace in 1961 reminds us of her generosity

...a touching tale, which was reported in the Irish media in 1961 when Princess Grace and her husband Prince Rainier III of Monaco visited Ireland, is retold. During their official stay the much-loved Irish-American star of 'High Noon', 'To Catch a Thief' and 'High Society' impressed all who met he and she in turn was touched by the efforts of a fledging school in Cork. Later when she returned to her home in the Principality, she posted a beautiful, child-size, porcelain doll as a donation to help raise funds for the school. The coveted toy was raffled and its whereabouts for the last 49 years are unknown.
An article recently appeared (25th September 2009) in the Irish Examiner (25th Sept) making an appeal to locate the doll. The reason for the search now, nearly a half-century later is due to the proposed visit to Ireland this year, by the late princess’s son, Prince Albert, as guest of honour at a special golf tournament at the prestigious K Club in Kildare county. It is hoped that the visit will strengthen links between the Principality and the Prince’s maternal ancestors’ home country.....

Paula Farquharson (The Monaco Times 6/10/09)
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Glistening Seas

:hellokitty: is it possible to have a pic of the doll and or the presentation of it for those of us whom have never seen this?

Certainly procelain bisque dolls are a delight to anyone of any age and a treasure in itself; but, that it came from Pss. Grace all the more a treasure which we would like to see!:bee:
Another Irish link.... The Ireland Fund of Monaco

The Ireland Fund of Monaco - News

There's also a charming article by the Irish poet John F. Deane about the time he spent in the Princess Grace Irish Library, and in which he make a comparison between the Irish legends around Saint Patrick, and the Monegasque legend around Sainte Dévote.

The Ireland Fund of Monaco - News

The Ireland Funds in Ireland#

Glistening Seas, here's a photo of the doll - it's about the size of the child admiring it :)

A doll donated by Princess Grace in 1961 reminds us of her generosity - The Riviera Times Online#

And another goodie: a mute film clip of PG and PR on a visit to Ireland in 1961.
Radio Telefis Eireann RTE had not started, but someone made a film anyway.

RTÉ Libraries and Archives: preserving a unique record of Irish life.
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Royal opportunity for Cork artist

By Niamh O'Mahony;

Artist Mary Murphy says she is both ‘thrilled’ and ‘amazed’ after being chosen to create a portrait of Princess Grace of Monaco, which will be presented to Prince Albert during his expected visit to Ireland next Spring.

The K Club in Co. Kildare will host a golf tournament in honour of the late Princess and the portrait will be presented to her son in recognition of the Royal family’s work in promoting Irish culture over the past 60 years.


The artist herself is not expecting an invitation to the presentation but, supported by her husband Stephen and agent Sol Sheeran, she is hoping that creating the piece will allow her expose her name and business to a new audience. “If this just gets people to look at my website or attend an exhibition, that’s the most I can hope for. If they like my art after that then it’s on my own merit. It’s just amazing, a dream come true but it’s a great opportunity as well.”

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:hellokitty: is it possible to have a pic of the doll and or the presentation of it for those of us whom have never seen this?

Certainly procelain bisque dolls are a delight to anyone of any age and a treasure in itself; but, that it came from Pss. Grace all the more a treasure which we would like to see!:bee:

Nice photographs of the doll in this months "Riviera Woman"

The Riviera Woman - Feature articles
The artist Mary Murphy will be creating Grace's portrait - not in paint, but handstitched, using fibres and threads worked on Irish Linen. It will take over sixty hours to create the work.

Born in Cork, she is having an exhibition of oils on canvas and fiber art portraits. The exhibition ends on 23th November.

On this link you can see a photo of Mary Murphy - she looks lovely....
About Mary Murphy -  

I admit I got very excited about this piece of textile art, as I'm a textile artist myself, also practising PG's favourite craft of pressed flowers....
Great! and here's the website of Colaiste Chriost Ri - the college of Christ the King:

Welcome | Coláiste Chríost Rí

This Boys' Secondary School has its roots in "a Waterford stable" in 1802. It was started by the Blessed Edmund Rice.
Just found a list of Irish Proverbs on the "Ireland Fund for Monaco" website:

The Ireland Funds - Irish Sayings and Proverbs

Here's one for PA to heed perhaps:

"Pos bean on sliabh agus posfaidh tu an sliabh"
"Marry a woman from the mountain and you'll marry the mountain."
A golden ring can tie a man as tight as any chain".

For those of you working on the Picture galleries, there are some interesting photos of Rainier II and of PA on the Princess Grace Irish Library website:
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Glistening Seas

:harvest: Both of these sites are dee-lightful. looking forward to spending more time going over the irish library sites. Although from a diehard romance novel reader it's strikes me curious as to why there are no 'romance' books in the irish collection?? Or, did someone just overlook to mention they carry them as well??

:reindeer:Although the new topics they plan on adding to the irish library sounds like a mah-velous idea as those will indeed be topics that are interesting for those whom poetry doesn't seem to be enough!! While we love poetry dearly as most everyone, the other topics should provide a variety that is quite intriguing!!:candycane:
Perhaps the PGIL was conceived by Rainier as a "highbrow" venture, with eminent authors, bursaries etc.
I find it a bit disappointing that the PGIL website is not kept up-to-date.
Even more so, since Madame Gallico is in charge......
Eoin English reports in today’s Irish Examiner newspaper that the Palace in Monaco has cancelled the visit of HSH Prince Albert to Ireland without explanation.
Apparently the team in Ireland was working on finalizing the project up to last Friday when the nuclear button was pressed over the weekend.

:sad:This is a real shame; the proposed visit would have been a great boost for Ireland.

Story not on the online version of the paper so no link; sorry.
:bang: How disappointing! :sad: I wonder what came up that was so much more important, especially after so much was said about the visit; where he would go and what he would do? What a let down...
:irelandflag: :monacoflag2:
Next event at the Princess Grace Irish Library:

A conference on the topic "Irish High Crosses" with the archaeologist Dr. Peter Harbison, from the Royal Irish Academy, Dublin.

News Monaco
The 2010 Programme of the PGIL (Princess Grace Irish Library) started with a lecture by Professor Jane Ohlmeyer, the Erasmus Smith Professor of Modern History at Trinity College Dublin.
People Finder - Trinity College Dublin

Last Monday, Feb 15th, there was a lecture by historian and author Turtle Bunbury
on the topic "Around the World in 1847: Events across the globe in which people of Ireland were influential".

Today, Ash Wednesday 17th, there is the Saint Patrick's Day Concert at the Chapelle de la Visitation.
Music by students of Prince Rainier's Académie de Musique et de Théâtre, as well as orchestral music from the Conservatoire de la Ville de Monaco.


The Princess Grace Irish Library Of Monaco
As Prince Albert's visit to Ireland was cancelled and as no alternate
date has been announced yet, this thread will be closed untill we get
new information about a coming visit.
A fantastic human interest story in ‘The Cork News’ regarding the confirmed visit of Prince Albert to Ireland next year and the visit to Cork, Ireland by his parents 49 years ago.

(Sorry if this is not the correct thread to post on with this; can the 'Prince Albert to visit Ireland be reopened now?)
Link to the online edition below (it’s about 20 pages in) but WELL worth the read.

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