How are you celebrating the Diamond Jubilee?

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Jan 7, 2012
New Orleans
United States
I am watching the flotilla enjoying my F & M "Tea Experience" Hamper and F & M Jubilee Tea. Lemon Curd on Dundee Cake is fantastic. I would have stood in the rain.. No doubt.
I have been enjoying my Earl Grey tea with raspberry scones.
Throwing an end of the Diamond Jubilee party with my friends on Tuesday we're gonna watch the concert on CBC/ABC together and make Jubilee cookies in the shape of a teapot, crown and doggie bone for the corgis! We're gonna order pizza and have chips and all those goodies. But I've been wearing my tiara today!
I'm not really sure. I don't know of anyone personally who is celebrating the royal Jubilee. I imagine many in England of course will be celebrating the occasion. I probably will see if there is anything on TV about the Jubilee and then watch it. I hope they do have coverage of this as I would rather see Queen Elizabeth and the British royal family on TV than some other news story which is trumped up (some stories on the news get more coverage than needed).
I enjoyed the flotilla with a scone and pot of Earl Grey! Only way it could have been better was if I was along the Thames, surrounded by the sights and sounds of the crowds as we cheer and watch the flotilla go by.
Just back from the jubilee Bun Throwing in my town centre amazing atmosphere but soaking wet!
The plan was to have tea and scones. We ended up having burritos and Diet Cokes. :lol:
I will be celebrating tomorrow as it coincides with my 23rd birthday :) I will then come hopefully sleep off whatever hangover I have in time to watch the thanksgiving service on Tuesday morning :p
I will unfortunately be at work when the Jubilee events are going on. We had a BBQ last night, after we returned from the Derby, but it was for my grandmothers 86th birthday. I guess the country is celebrating by watching the events.
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I have been enjoying my Earl Grey tea with raspberry scones.
This is weird, but that was exactly how I celebrated as well. :cool:
Scones are so quintessentially English, so I had them prepared yesterday, and Earl Grey is my favourite tea anyway.

Basically, I came back home from work, had my scones out of the fridge, made some tea, and enjoyed the wonderful display of pageantry. :)
How people in Vancouver are celebrating
Being the middle of the night here in Australia during the River Pageant I did the only thing I could - put up some bunting (which was uncooperative and refused to show all of the Australian flag) around my TV and watch with joy at the amazing spectacle playing out on TV for the Queen of Australia :auflag::ausstandard: I also celebrated by going to the Open Day at Government House, where the Queen's Representative Her Excellency the Governor lives, where all visitors were given a commemorative medallion with a St Edward's Crown and the inscription (THE QUEEN'S DIAMOND JUBILEE 1952-2012 GOVERNMENT HOUSE, QUEENSLAND) which was a lovely souvenir.


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