HIH Prince Ali Reza (28 April 1966 - 4 January 2011)

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Getting a name is a legal matter....if he has not recognized her in utero and if they were not married legally she is not legally entitled to her father's name I think !
I rejoice heartedly with Empress Farah Diba.
If I were an Angel, and His Highness at Death's wear, surely I would breath hope of Life, into His Highness' return here. Yet, what do -now- I Pray, 'Purgatory Comfort', until His Highness is called forth to a New-Life, Eternal, non-Corruptible, and bearer too, of 'Good Fruits'.
Can Love Die? I think not, yet Love can gather other to nurture with It a Ministry toward 'Love'?
There are no words to replace that which will 'be' forever missed!
In connection with little Princess Iryana Leila's third birthday, a photo was released of her enjoying one of her presents in the garden:

Do they both live in Indonesia?
So wonderful that they are spending time together with Ali Reza's daughter.
Prince Reza: "In memory of the days and nights that we spent together,
In your memory, you who were always my brother...
Your memory lives on in those who believe in #freedom.

I thank all my compatriots for your sympathies and kindness towards my family"

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What consolation and joy is must be this beautiful little girl for the family of Prince Ali.
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