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Dec 29, 2007
Santo Domingo
Dominican Republic
Hi, everybody! I heard about TRF in a forum of the HOLA magazine. My favorite ice cream flavor is the one with the macadamia nut. History is the aspect most appeal to me of royalty and since adolescence I have been interested in the world of the royal court politics.

I have been reading so far on princess Margaret from England. I saw a movie that depicts her as an alcoholic and very rude and arrogant person, like the last princess behaving really like if owing a divine right.
Welcome to TRF, tan berry! I see you have good taste in ice cream. :D

I don't know if you've found our articles website yet, but one of our members has written an article about Princess Margaret that you might find interesting:

Royal Rocker
Thank you, Elspeth. HAPPY NEW YEAR! It is still 8:18 for me
Hello tan_berry & :welcome:
Happy New year! it's great having you with us
Welcome to the forums..:flowers:
I hope you will have a great time..:flowers:
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