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Aug 28, 2007
Hi there! Found you all by chance (or not) following a link from a Princess Diana web and am amazed to see how well informed some of you are. Wow!

Like many of you, my background is totally blue blooded. I was brought up in the UK and only returned to my Mediterranean domains when I was nearly 30. Nearly 30 years is time enough to become a royalty watcher, lover, hater, onlooker, et al... especially of the British Royals although I now have fun with the Spanish as well.

Here's the thing: for some years now I've been a serious student of astrology. Although the birth data of Princess Diana is 1 July 1961 at Sandringham, the closest birth time I've found is "late afternoon". Do any of you fountains of blue-tinted wisdom have more precise (and reliable) information?
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