Hi, I'm new!

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Nov 4, 2009
United Kingdom
What a great, friendly site!
My bio says that I'm in Edgecoombe, Cornwall - which doesn't exist anywhere - except in Daphne Dumaurier's Rebecca! It just sounded cool - I'm actually an American living in London, On.
My interest in the British royal family stems from my interest in Queen Victoria and her descendants and from my interest in WWII. I'm sure I'll have some entertaining times here at TRF. I've already learned so much just by lurking!
Everyone have a great day.
Hi RoseLadyEsterfield!


I'm interested in the BRF, Queen Victoria & her descendants as well. Hope you will enjoy this forum as much as I do. Have a great time! :flowers:
:rose2::rose2:Hi RoseLadyEsterfield!! Welcome to the royal forums. I hope you will enjoy the forums!:rose2::rose2:
:welcome:Welcome here!You can find a lot of information and friends too!:rainbow:
Welcome Lady RoseLadyEsterfield!:flowers:

I am sure you will have lots of fun here on TRF!

Always a jolly good idea to have a good lurk and prowl.....it gives one time to get a feel for a place!

See you around on the threads no doubt!
One is most appreciative of the kind welcome received here.
Thanks for the warm welcome - really. I'm off to take the plunge on the other boards!
Have a great day
You're right, RoseLadyEsterfield! Thanks a lot, I'm glad you liked it. :flowers:
Hi, RoseLadyEsterfield! And welcome to what I feel is the best resource for royal info. I encourage you to not follow my path and lurk here for a VERY long time before contributing - whether it be an opinion or asking a question. The membership has been extremely helpful to me. I hope that you enjoy this forum as much as I have!

Rascal :flowers:
Hi RoseLadyEsterfield! welcome to the Royal forums. greeting from Iran
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