Hi everybody - from Qatar

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Jan 3, 2011
Hi VIP qatar here

I would like to Introduce my self to all members i'n this form

I'm 24 years old male
Born from a Nobel family
Lived almost all my life i'n qatar and abroad

I have a diplomatic and Nobel personality towards my country
I am always kind and gentle towards people I like to travel meet new people learn about their cultures.

My ethics are pure even though I'm vigilant in terms of protocol I love computers and electronics.
Hi VIPQATAR & :welcome:
Its great to have you with us and looking forward to reading your posts.
Welcome Dear VIPQATAR. i know your country (QATAR). nice country.
Although i sent a message to you but i say to you again Hi & Welcome.
we hope you have the best time on this forum.
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Hi, VIPqatar! I'm not VERY familiar with your country but have learned a lot because I follow international tennis obsessively. The tournament in Doha has been very exciting the last few years and the players all seem to enjoy their time in your country. I hope you enjoy your time here on TRF. Welcome!

welcome to TRF- I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!
Hi VIPQATAR, nice to meet you:)

nice to meet you to looking forward from you

i have been to turkey its one of the beutiful countries i have ever been even though the english and arabic are not that good the pepole where friendly i might come to istanbol again
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