HGD Guillaume and HGD Stéphanie, Current Events Part 4: September 2017 -

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At the expense of sounding like a broken record: what a cuuuuute baby!
At the expense of sounding like a broken record: what a cuuuuute baby!

All the Royal children are lovely(imho) but Gui and Steph's baby boys are in their own league entirely. Thank goodness TRH are so generous with them.

I am so much looking forward to their Christmas card this year!?
What a wonderful calm happy family, enjoyed the photos so much; thanks.
The cute appearance of the little Princes is also a compliment to the parenting in my humble opinion. The little ones are always so relaxed!
I can't wait to see Guillaume and Stephanie's Christmas card. It's always a such a treat since they started their adorable little family!?
The meetings of the Crown Couple, accompanied by Prince Francis, with the elderly continued this Wednesday at the “Servior Jousefshaus” in Remich. Alongside Minister Max Hahn, they had a pleasant time with the residents who were delighted by the good humor of the little Prince.

I wonder how many of such houses for the elderly Luxembourg has. Do they intend to visit them all? It's wonderful how they are making sure to spend time with the elderly.

Like his brother, prince Francois seems a happy little chap.
During their stay in Venice last week, see above, HGD Guillaume and HGD Stéphanie have given an interview to French magazine Point de Vue, out this week:

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