Hello from America

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Jun 11, 2010
United States
Just joined. Especially interested in the British Monarchy, royal jewels, The Royal Jewels and brooches worn by Her Majesty.
Hello Ab Ovo!


I hope you will enjoy this board! Greetings. :flowers:
Hi, Ab Ovo, and welcome to the this forum. If you're like me, you will spend HOURS browsing through the different threads, particularly the British ones. I am obsessed with the Swedish RF myself.

May I also suggest that you spend time in the "general category" threads pertaining to royal weddings and other general threads as these contain many other pictures as well as information about jewelry, which I am sure you will enjoy.

Happy hunting and welcome again!

A warm welcome to the forums, a place that I trust will find firm favour with you in the days hence.
On Board!

Thank you all! I have read the Forums for several months now, am pleased to be on board. :)
nee Ab Ovo

In the excitement of finding this site yesterday and signing on I forgot who I was! Ab ("from the egg", my initials) is for on Cunard ship sites ... Sefton is me heritage! Hence the name change allowed by site administration, even w/o a letters patent! :)
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