Hello Everyone

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Oct 2, 2016
New York
United States
I am Kate, my pet name is huddy. I love royal things, amazes me so I am a fashion designer love to design royal dressing designs.
My aim is to become a best fashion designer and have my own fashion shop. I have a kid she is very cute, I love her.
Hi Kate! :)

I'm fairly new here myself but can tell you it's great fun and there's a serious amount to interest any royal fan.

Welcome aboard!
Yes of course, Thanks,
I like the royal forum, and discover beautiful ideology of the royal world.
Welcome to the wonderful world of TRF. If its royal fashions and designs that attract you, you're going to get quite an eyeful of it here. There are many, many different threads devoted to fashion and styles of the royals and discussions about them. Enjoy! :D
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