Haakon's Birthdays: News and Pictures 2003 - 2023

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The pics of the photocall are great, not only the kids look extremely cute, so does the Queen in her wonderful summer dress as well :) I think they had hoped to be left alone by the press for the rest of their holidays, but the scans Larzen posted show that this doesn't work..
Article from HELLO
After months of official engagements in the public eye, it's no wonder Europe's royals look forward to a relaxing summer break. And Norway's Crown Prince Haakon had an even better excuse for an island getaway as he celebrated his 33rd birthday this week, surrounded by loved-ones on the island of Tjome in southern Norway.......................
Nettavisen has the scanpix pictures from the photoshoot in better quality, scroll down

About the summerhouse, they seem to have found a solution, they will keep the original house, and the little house by the sea and only build a small police/guard house on the property according to the mayor of Kristiansand. Still there are some problems related to roads, and the safty zone the police wants, so no decision has been reached yet
They will probably then have to do a complete renovation of the house inside and maybe outside as well.
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Thank you very much indeed, Larzen.
They seem to have a very great summer time and I love Mette-Marit's tan.
The more I see Pr Haakon's reaction to Marius the more I Like Pr Haakon. It seems as if the two of them get on like a house on fire.

that picture is amazing. they are a perfect family!
Oh how they are growing I love the pictures of Sverre,Ingrid and maruis and parents it is so neat to watch them all grow.
Crown Prince Haakon celebrated his 35th year birthday at his and Crown Princess Mette-Marit's new summerhouse at Flatholmen, just outside Ris¿r in Norway.Mette-Marit's mother Marit Tjessem left with Princess Ingrid Alexandra and Prince Sverre-Magnus after she had eaten lunch with them at the summerhouse.She was going to babysit them while Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit was celebrating his birthday with 13 of there close friends:
All Over Press Finland
All Over Press Finland
All Over Press Finland
All Over Press Finland
All Over Press Finland

They arranged a rowing competition and had a great time! :
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Nice and relaxed photos to mark the 50th Birthday of the Crown Prince, will there be a gala to mark it?
Lovely photos, enjoyed the relaxed environment of them.
I wish there a gala portraits
Nice and relaxed photos to mark the 50th Birthday of the Crown Prince, will there be a gala to mark it?

The Garden Party at the Palace on their wedding day seems to be the only thing planned…

Maybe it is to make it easier for Mette-Marit if she will have to drop out last minute due to her lung fibrosis…
I really like the first one with the dog!

Their dogs are very beloved family members and I feel like if Haakon could take them more places the way Victoria takes Rio, he would do it. Maybe in the future...
Haakon said in his 50th interview that he had serious struggles with the military and had many discussions with his father before he decided to join.

From aftenposten
Almost 30 years ago, he was the one who was completely new. He arrived a little later than the others to the aspirant course at Madla and had not attended the session.

They had already learned how to salute and march. He didn't know the difference between a fenrik and a quartermaster and has amble walk. But he didn't want to stick out.

He remembers one of his fellow soldiers asking: “Why are you trying so hard? You don't need that, do you?”

- But for me it was completely the other way around. I just needed to do that. I had to show that I deserved my place, says Crown Prince Haakon.

From NRK
In his inner conflict about conscription, it was the person Haakon - who was on the borderline of a pacifist - who met the heir to the throne, who, in his capacity as monarch, will one day become commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces. He nevertheless chose command school after high school, before three years of education at the Naval Academy. The first proper choice he made based on tradition and the monarchy he was a part of, and what role he will one day enter, he later told.

Thank you! Do you have the link to the interview with Aftenposten?

(The interview with NRK can be found in the previous post in this thread.)

I also found it interesting that he disclosed having an inner conflict about conscription. Given that conscription still exists (even though pacifists can be granted conscientious objector status), isn't that a borderline political comment?
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