Greek Royal Family - Photos from the past

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I don't know the history/context of this quote, so could you please explain what he meant by this? :flowers:

Do not get excited. The story is quite innocent.
Anne-Marie was very youthful with a disarming smile that had captivated the Greeks. Prime minister Geroge Papandreou, well in his 70s at the time (1960s), liked her very much.
He was famous as an orator and grandiloquent parliamentarian as well as for his wit. Jokingly, of course, he would often intentionally accord his spoken word a double entendre.
He would enjoy having dinner with the royal couple, with Anne-Marie sitting between him and her husband and the following morning Papandreou would say, "Last night, Constantine and I shared Anne-Marie" and he would be so happy, like a child.
And I made this reference only to stress the fact that Anne-Marie was very popular among all Hellenes, from the the prime minister down.
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Here are two more covers with pics of the family:

Hola 1965

Hola 1974

It would really be interesting to see more of the second photo session :)
Anne-Marie was a very beautiful young lady and nowadays she looks splendid.

There are great pictures on this thread, thanks for posting them.


Wow! She was so beautiful when she was younger (and still is). In the second photo, you can really see the resemblance between Anne-Marie and Theodora, IMO.
Thank you for the 2nd picture,Iceflower!!I rarely have the chance to see Nikolaos as a kid.I almost forgot that he was blonde,too.
What a beautiful couple and what a beautiful story. I still remember when they were married - she was so young, so was he. They had beautiful children and are now proud grandparents. May God always bless them.
Light-color eyes can change very easily.It depends on the light.
I agree with you that Anna-Maria is much more beautiful than Theodora and Alexia as well.It's strange:although she gave birth to 3 handsome sons,her daughters are rather average-looking.
The Queen has that beauty that comes from within. No matter what cards her life has dealt her she always appears serene and sweet.
For me at least she will always be the beautiful 18 year old princess who married her young king back in 1964.
BTW I believe that neither Alexia nor Theodora are average looking. They both are beautiful ladies.:flowers:
I mean they are not breath-taking....there so many really beautiful women out there...
I mean they are not breath-taking....there so many really beautiful women out there...

That does not mean that Alexia and Theodora are not beautiful. They both have the aristocratic beauty and class that only true blue bloods have.
You find Alexia and Theodora unique in other words....I wouldn't bet on that.
What a beautiful, regal lady, is Queen Anne Marie. She was breathtakingly lovely when she married and still retains her looks. I think her two daughters, Alexia and Theodora, have their own kind of beauty. As a matter of fact, the whole brood of children and now the grandchildren are fantastic.
the prettiest Queen ever!!!

King & Queen 14.12.1967 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

King Constantine II of the Hellenes on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Baptism Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece on the 29th of June 1967 in Athens' Cathedrale on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

King Constantine II of the Hellenes and Queen Anne-Marie Rome 1969 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

AM with her sister Margrethe and her father
Flickr Photo Download: Queen Anne-Marie, King Frederik, Queen Margrethe

Greek Royal Family 1961
Greek Royal Family 1961 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Konstantine in Salonika
King Constantine II in Thessaloniki on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

King Constantine II 1964 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Konstantine at his father's funeral holding his mother
Funeral King Paul 1964 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

a very nice picture: AM and K dancing in Tripoli, a small town.
Flickr Photo Download: Poem to King Constantine
I have to mention that a poem follows the above picture, a poem written by a fervent Greek-Australian(Melbourne) royalist, who had founded the Union of Melbourne Royalists... (King at home on Flickr - Photo Sharing!)
However, the pic is magnificent!
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Thank you!! thank you!!!

In the photos of the Queen Anne Marie, I can see the resemblance with Prince Pavlo, also Pavlo has many traits of his father.. The Queen Anne is very pretty woman.

I admire people who appreciate the values and principles monarchists .... I think they have much merit because, they keep alive the ideology.:previous:
Prinzessinnen Margrete, Benedikte und Anne Marie von Dänemark on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Dänische Königsfamilie um 1946/ Danish Royal Family on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

König Frederik von Dänemark und seine Familie, Danish Royal Family on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

From the greek magazine Life and Style

I found a very nice picture of Konstantine sitting beside radiant Elizabeth Tailor in 1958 in a cinema (Pallas) in Athens. It was the first show of the movie "around the earth in 80 days". The royal family was the official guest of the first show. Konstantin was a student then...


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He was very handsome when he was younger. I can definitely see a resemblance to his sons.
I don't know. Notice that the women are all in black...
She was so beautiful as a young woman (and still is today). I can't imagine being Queen at that age - or a mother of two by my 21st birthday, either. You know, I don't think I've ever seen any photos of her when she was expecting either Alexia or Pavlos. Are there any?
Looking at the fourth of your pics, BELTRANEJA, it's quite
impressing to see how large Athens has already been at
that time. The first two pics have something magical, there's
a certain lightness and amorousness in them and that in
front of that very special historical background. Very nice!
So thanks for posting :flowers:
Queen Anne Marie is a very impressive woman and still very sweet to people who greeting her. An wonderful example of how a Queen must be!
Pictures of Constantine and Anne Marie in the Acropolis.
Truly magnificent photos!!! Thank you!!!!!!
AM was really impressive and although young very regal.
She would have made an excellent queen if the political situation was better...!!!
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I agree emmeleia and raimot

Anne Marie became a convert to the Orthodox religion, the picture is after the death of King Paul, yet she was Princess of Denmark but Orthodox.
greeting to Queen Federika

this pictures are of Corfu, summer of 1964.

Queen Anne Marie as Princess of Denmark
with a monkey
thank you!! by pictures of Acropolis and Athens.
Queen Anne Marie convert to the orthodox after her married.
Many thanks fot the lovely photos
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The picture of the then Princess Anne Marie greeting Queen Frederica
is one of the most moving I have seen in a long time. It shows how happy and innocent the young princess was. Beautiful image.:flowers:
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