Glittering Royals and Royal Occasions

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"In 1963, King Pavlos and Queen Friederike of the Hellenes made a state visit to Britain. Today, we're looking one of the most glittering events of the visit: a gala performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream at the Aldwych Theatre on July 11, 1963. And, even better - the jewels are sparkling in motion! "

Jewels in Motion: Greek State Visit (1963) | The Court Jeweller

"In 1955, Queen Elizabeth II welcomed the President of Portugal to London for a state visit. The visit wrapped up with a gala at Covent Garden, where they royal ladies put their best jewels on display. Here's a look at what they wore -- in motion!"

Jewels in Motion: Portuguese State Visit (1955) | The Court Jeweller
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