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The caption refers to several buildings around Skaugum not being maintained and that they are covered in graffiti - to the annoyance of the neighbors.

- Which is hardly surprising. It lowers the standard of the area and reduce the price of neighboring houses.
Does anyone know why they don't have any event till 22nd July? Are they in holidays?
Crown Princess Mette-Marit has shared a lovely family photo wishing Crown Prince Haakon a happy birthday today:

** Instagram post **
No, one of them - Muffins Kråkebolle. She was the younger dog and daughter of the family's other dog, Milly Kakao.

Mette-Marit wrote:
This week our Muffins died of cancer. The whole family’s fun kråkebolle was born at our home in the living room. Ever since she came into the world, she has been the natural center of our lives. She has been fed, dressed in all kinds of clothes, taken on trips and skiing, and has lived a good dog’s life. She could be quite naughty and loved to run off, but most of all Muffins especially loved cuddles, children, lawnmowers, and Milly. She has given us all more love, comfort and laughter than we could hope for, and everyone here, especially her mom, Milly, misses her very much.
They are so natural. I wish them all the best for their further marriage and a miracle for Mette-Marits health.
I still remember it so well, what a wonderful dress and Marius was so cute !
I was in Oslo when they got married, and it was amazing. MM's wedding dress was beoynd beautiful.
An article on the Crown Prince's coronavirus vaccination in May:

Norway’s Crown Prince Haakon has accepted an offer from the government to be vaccinated against the Corona virus ahead of schedule. The Royal Palace was allotted 11 extra vaccine doses and the 48-year-old crown prince is among those now poised to get a shot.

The government’s decision to earmark 500 vaccine doses for Members of Parliament, the court system, government officials and others in “critical leadership functions” has been controversial. The crown prince will now be getting his vaccination ahead of others in his age group, but he also serves as regent when his recently ailing father, King Harald, has been ill. As heir to the throne, he’s considered among those especially important for Norway’s constitutional monarchy.

His wife, Crown Princess Mette-Marit, has already been vaccinated since she has underlying health problems including a lung disease. Both King Harald and Queen Sonja were among the first to be vaccinated in Norway, since both are in their 80s and elderly Norwegians had top priority in the vaccination queue.
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Accirding to nrk, the crown couple is going to increase their appenage
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