General News about Prince Carl Philip & Sofia Hellqvist, Part 1: July 2014-June 2015

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General News about Prince Carl Philip & Sofia Hellqvist, Part 1: July 2014-June 2015


General News regarding Prince Carl Philip and Sofia Hellqvist, Part One

Commencing July 2014

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Carl Philip and Sofia have gone to a holiday to St. Maxime to the king's villa with their friends. They are spending time at the king's boat
"Prince's and Sofia's hot trip on a luxury yacht".
Photos, one gets more information if one pays and logs in to Expressen.
Prinsen och Sofias heta resa på lyxjakt Nyheter Expressen

The king has a boat also in Solliden, it has been extremely sunny and warm in Sweden but they went to St. Maxime. The difference to Solliden is that paparazzis don't get close to you in Solliden.
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There's no way you'll get met to jump off a boat in an ocean where I don't know what's under my feet. Take me to the shore and I'll be fine.
Actually it looks like they have no knowledge of the photographers or they have decided to go on about their business. They are not posing.

Because they know that the photographers are there, like every year. They don't have to pose since they know that the photographers are there. Still they go there. Victoria and Madeleine don't like the place because of the paparazzis and according to the swedish press the king has been looking for a new villa for a couple of years because they want to have a more private place. It is fine if they want to show off themselves, but it would be better if they would not have beer and wine on the boat.

Sofia and their friends were also at Avicii's concert. Carl Philip was having an Avicii fan cap.
KUVAT Carl Philip ja Sofia juhlivat Ibizalla – prinssillä fanilippis - Viihde -
Voi, nuorta lempeä! Carl Philip ja Sofia pussailivat jahdilla - katso! Kuninkaalliset

Avicii is a favourite for the royal family, Victoria and Daniel were at his concert in March in Stockholm.

In Ibiza,+2014
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Why don't they just lock themselves away in a palace and never leave? That would fix a lot of 'problems'.
CP used to look so good, when I look at them now it's such an unattractive couple. CP reminds me of a caveman. Sofia, no comment.
Come on, they remain an attractive couple. Not very royal, but still attractive.
How long does the holiday for the Swedish royal family generally last?
Prince Carl Philip and Sofia Hellqvist General Events

All non official current events will be moved to this thread .
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Svensk Damtidning tells on it's paper issue how Carl Philip and Sofia went in the spring to Helins Bilcentrum in Bålsta and leased a new car for Sofia, a sweet orange coloured Hyundai. The car is registered in Sofia's name. Svensk Damtidning has a photo which the car sales has at their desk for everyone to see, they are very proud that Carl Philip and Sofia got the car from them. At the photo are Carl Philip, Sofia, their dog Siri and two men from the car sales. One of the men wears a jacket designed by Carl Philip and Oscar Kylberg.
Svensk Damtidning called to Helins Bilcentrum, why they bought the car just from there? It is rumoured that there is a personal connection. The representant of the car sales said that no, there aren't any relatives of Sofia working there. Are they friends of the family? No comments.
Sofia's car
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Oh good grief, sugar shock anyone? :ROFLMAO:

Well, call me a sugar, but i rather post this than wishing the two of them all kinds of horrible diseases and other misfortune like some people elsewhere on the internet
A lovey-dovey couple :).

Me, I love the boat! I checked out the J Craft website to get a 360 degree tour of the vessel, that features bespoke options of cutlery and glassware personally designed by His Majesty Prince Carl Phillip Bernadotte:lol:(I kid you not, it is really written thus!:p
do you think we will see her at opening of parliment?

We will see. Daniel and Jonas Bergström didn't attend at the opening of the Parliament in 2009 when they were engaged with Victoria and Madeleine.
Expressen Extra has on it's cover
Sofia's hard time without Carl Philip
Disappears in the midst of the wedding planning¨

Stoppa pressarna quotes the article, it refers to Carl Philip attending at the military exercise for two weeks.
The exercise means that the prince is forced to leave his new fiancée for 17 days.
- I have been informed that the prince will stay away during the exercise, subject to any possible short break, says the deputy director of the press department, Annika Sönnerberg.
Prins Carl Philip tvingas lämna Sofia Hellqvist Stoppa Pressarna
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