Funeral of Prince Rainier: April 15, 2005

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Royal Highness
Apr 21, 2004
My little corner of the world
..from the Spanish newspaper ABC...

Rey Alberto II de Bélgica
Rey Carlos Gustavo XVI de Suecia
Reina Sonia de Noruega
Rey Constantino de Grecia
Príncipe Hitachi, representante del emperador de Japón
Príncipe Faisal Bin Al Hussein, representante del Rey de Jordania
Jeque Abdulá Bin Hamad Al Khalifa, de Bahrein
Princesa Ferial, representante de su hermano el rey Fuad II de Egipto
Ex emperatriz de Irán Farah Pahlavi
Príncipe Joaquín de Dinamarca
Príncipe Alejandro II de Yugoslavia y de Serbia
Príncipe Alois de Liechtenstein
Duque de York, Andrés, representante de la reina de Inglaterra
Duque Frantz de Baviera (Alemania)
Duque Eberhard de Wurtemberg (Alemania)
Duque Enrique de Luxemburgo
Duque Duarte de Braganza (Portugal)
Duque Víctor Emmanuel de Saboya, príncipe de Nápoles
Carlos de Borbón de Dos Sicilias, Duque de Calabria
Kardam de Bulgaria, representante del rey Simeón II
Conde Enrique de París
Jacques Chirac, presidente de la República francesa
Mary Mc Aleese, presidente de Irlanda
Janez Drnovsek, presidente de la República de Eslovenia
Sergei Lavrov, ministro de Relaciones exteriores de Rusia
John Lehman, ex secretario de Marina (Estados Unidos)
Hans Martin Bury, ministro Adjunto de Relaciones Europeas de Alemania
Pier Ferdinando Casini, presidente de la Cámara de Diputados de Italia
Guenther Platter, ministro de Defensa de Austria
Jean Pierre Richard, arzobispo de Burdeos, Francia
Jacques Diouf, Director de la FAO
Jacques Rogge, presidente del Comité Olímpico Internacional
Pierre Sane, subdirector general para Ciencias Humanas de la UNESCO
Frederic Joli, portavoz del CICR
Massimo Barra, representante de la Cruz Roja
Francisco Flores, ex presidente de El Salvador
Vendrán también, entre otros, la princesa Zahra Aga Khan, representante del Aga Khan, Issam Fares, el Vice primer ministro de Líbano, Maud De Boer-Buquicchio, secretario general adjunto del Consejo de Europa, el gran maestre de la Orden de Malta y Fausta Simona Morganti y Cesare Antonio Gasperoni, capitantes regentes de San Marino.
Who will attend the funeral tommorow according to the Spanish press.

King Juan Carlos & Queen Sofia Of Spain (the King's assitance has been commented by the press, while
the Queen's presence was discussed on TV)
King Alberto II of Belgium
King Carl Gustav XVI & Queen Silvia of Sweden
Queen Sonja Of Norway
King Constantine of Greece
Prince Hitachi of Japan (representing the King)
Prince Faisal Bin Al Hussein of Jordan (representing King Abdullah)
Abdulá Bin Hamad Al Khalifa, of Bahrein
Princess Ferial, (representing her brother, King Fuad II Of Egypt)
Ex Empress of Iran, Farah Pahlavi
Prince Joachim of Denmark
Prince Alexander II of Yugoslavia & Serbia
Prince Alois of Liechtenstein
Andrew, the Duke Of York (representing Queen Elizabeth II)
Duke Frantz of Baviera
Duke Eberhard of Wurtemberg
Great Duke Henri of Luxembourg
Duke Duarte of Braganza (Portugal)
Prince Vittorio Emmanuel of Savoia, Prince of Naples
Charles of Bourbon & Two Sicilies, Duke of Calabria
Kardam of Bulgaria, representing King Simeon II
Count Henri of Paris

Jacques Chirac, president of France
Mary Mc Aleese, president of Ireland
Janez Drnovsek, president of Slovenia

Government Representatives
Sergei Lavrov, Russian Foreign Affairs Minister
John Lehman, Ex Secretary of The US Navy (and cousin of Princess Grace)
Hans Martin Bury, adjunt Minister of European Affairs of Germany
Pier Ferdinando Casini, Italy
Guenther Platter, Austria's Minister of Defense

Vatican Representatives
Jean Pierre Richard, archibishop of Burdeaux, France

International Organisms
Jacques Diouf, Director of FAO
Jacques Rogge, president of The International Olympic Comitee
Pierre Sane, General Subdirector for Human Sciences from UNESCO
Frederic Joli, CICR
Massimo Barra, Red Cross

Other Personalities:
Francisco Flores, ex president of El Salvador
Princess Zahra Aga Khan, representing the Aga Khan
Issam Fares, Lebanon's Prime Minister
Maud De Boer-Buquicchio, Adjunt General Secretary of the European Council
The Master of the Orden Of Malta
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Oh we posted the same thing LOL I was translating it while you posted it lol
I'm hoping there will be live coverage on CNN. I think it switches over to CNN International after a certain time because when I've watched before there's been a whole different layout and British hosts in the early hours. Maybe international will cover it. Even though the news channels are quite American centered there is the American connection with Princess Grace.
If i am not wrong, a week ago and 1 day Ranier passed away, that is so sad.
Tomorrow i cant see the funeral couse i will be at school all the morning, i hope i see something on the news (i come to my house after they show this kind of things). Tomorrow will be a difficult moment for the family, but they will be togeder to support each other...
Monaco prepares for the funeral of Prince Rainier - flowers everywhere -


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Thanks for the pix. The flowers, etc. are beautiful.
I just "woke up" and I hope CNN or the Spanish TV covers it...if not my only hopes are the Palace or Larry.

I'm on chatroom if anyone wants to chat.
"From the chapel, the VIPs will be escorted to the palace’s official reception hall, the ornate Blue Salon, to pay condolences to Rainier’s son and heir, Prince Albert II, and his daughters, the Princesses Caroline and Stephanie.

A public procession begins at that point, beginning with visiting guests. VIPs will walk across the palace’s cobbled square and down a narrow lane now hung with Monaco’s flags at half staff to the nearby 19th century Monaco cathedral.

As Rainier had requested, 10 soldiers from the Prince’s Company of Carabineers will bear his coffin out of the palace via the Gate of Honour shortly before noon (1000GMT), crossing a square filled with up to 3,000 mourning Monaco residents, before reaching the cathedral.

Members of the royal family will follow the procession as a band plays Beethoven’s Funeral March – music chosen by Princess Caroline. A battery will fire a 36-gun salute for Rainier, who had been Europe’s longest-serving monarch."

..part of article from Scotsman..

I went on, watched short's good conection..the direct broadcast starts in few minutes at 10.00a.m. my time..

Monaco would like to chat but my lessons will start in 15 minutes.:(

@HMQueenElizabethII; you're welcome..
Broadcoast on Palace site just's so good feel sorry I had to go to the lesons..:(

Now Prince Albert is talking..
Personalities are arriving already on the Palace in cars, they're going into the Court De Honour, to the Palace's Chapel and up through the staircase probably to the Blue Room like the Palace said yesterday to meet the family.
Some royals will go to Monaco from Nice in car or helicopter. At 11:45 (approx. in 1h 30 min) we'll see the family starting the procession.

The Prince and Princess of Monaco will lead it as well as the Casiraghi children, no sign of Stephanie's kids.

Queen Sofia won't attend. Charles of Austria has just arrived.
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The Savoia Prince and Marina Doria have just arrived

Also Willem Alexander Of Holland

Farah Diba too...she looks stunning and sad :(
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The Master Of the Order Of Malta has arrived

Prince Rainier will be buried tonight with a priavte ceremony only attending his family, the TV says...

The Palace said there'll be a mass at 6 pm for the Monegasques.
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The Dukes of Braganza have arrived

King Constantine, the Swedish King and Queen, the King of Morroco have arrived
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The ceremony may be delayed because maybe President Chirac will arrive late
"the King of Morroco have arrived"

Actually, it was [font=verdana, arial]Prince Moulay Rashid of Morocco.[/font]
Juan Carlos of Spain has arrived.
Prince Joachim of Denmark has arrived.
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