Friends of the Royal Family

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Alexander Stubb was sworn as President of Finland today. He is a close friend of Prince Daniel.
Andrea Brodin on Wednesday at Nationalmuseum at an event, where fashion brand By Malina celebrated its name change - it's now "Malina".
And Andrea wore a gown from Malina, of course:
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Daniel and Victoria's friend Mats Sundin, the former NHL hockey star and Olympic and World Champion, releases his autobiography.

Hockey star and legend Mats Sundin will release his long-awaited autobiography on October 22. After more than two decades as a hockey professional, he is ready to tell his story.
"When I started writing my autobiography, I knew I wanted it to be about more than just hockey. I've played 18 seasons in the NHL, so hockey is definitely the backbone, but my story is also about a kid who grew up in Sweden with working-class parents, who could never dream of one day finding a home far away in Toronto."

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