Friends of Caroline's in her youth: do we recognize them ?

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I recently wrote that unlike the Casiraghi trio's friends, whom we have gotten to know over the years thanks to information about their names, backgrounds, lives, we know very little about Princess Caroline's friends from her teenage years. From the pictures below, you'll recognize a Niarcos girl (I don't remember her first name) and two relatives or daughters of the then Minister of the Interior, Mr Poniatovski (the 2 girls smoking cigarettes), but not school friends, as far as I know. Apparently, the media protected the privacy of non public figures better than they do now, or they felt the readers cared only about Caroline, not her friends. Anyway, maybe this will bring back memories, if only for the girls concerned...
Thanks for sharing those pics, iloveroyals!:flowers::flowers:
Unfortunately I cannot recognize any of those friedns of Caro's. However the girl in the 1st pic reminds me a bit of Tatiana, Andrea's girlfriend!

Of course it brought back good memories, for an old "girl" like I am :censored::D
She is still friends with Maria Niarchos, the last time I saw a pic of them was in the summer of 2000 at the Deauville Races.

Great pics :)
Thank you both, it's like a puzzle we're trying to solve !
Thanks for sharing those pics, iloveroyals!:flowers::flowers:

I second that!:flowers: Great photos, many of those posted are new to me..Thanks for sharing!
You're all welcome.I am often afraid of posting pictures because I fear they have been posted before. So it's encouraging to know I have some that haven't been posted yet.
Princess Caroline's Freinds

Thanks for the photos of Caroline and her freinds..they are awesome!!
However, there is no photo of Maria Niarchos. She is very tiny, and has short very cruly hair.
I have that picture, at her wedding, but I dont have it with me. I'll post it when I get home again. However, the girl on the boat is a Niarchos girl, the caption in the clipping said so. I'll have to go find it again.
Princess Caroline de Monaco (R) and her husband Prince Ernst August of Hanover (2ndR) accompany Maria Niarchos (2nd L), the daughter of the dead Greek shipowner Stavros Niarchos, and her husband (L), 13 August 2000, to the horse races organised at the La Touques© racecourse in Deauville. The main event of the races is sponsored by the Niarcos© breeding.

Thank you so much for this thread. I don't know how I missed it. It is like a curious puzzle. I have wondered about Caroline's friends before. It is fascinating to see her and her buddies when they were the young swells about town. :flowers:

Marie Niarchos apparently married "playboy" Alix Chevassu, right? I guess he was a friend of Junot, supposedly. Are they still married?

Isabelle Poniatowski, says French Wikipedia on her father's article, married Bertrand de Maigret in 1967.

I looked up Sabine Poniatowski-Perse. Apparently she is a "privatization expert" for the German Finance Ministry. French Wiki does not have her as a sister of Isabelle, but maybe they are cousins, who knows?
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Ines de la Fressange

I don't know about any other thread for the friends of Princess Caroline. This seems to be the appropriate place for news about them.

Ines de la Fressange received the Legion d'Honneur. She will be another friend of Caroline (third?) to receive this honor, others being JC Maillot & Albina du Boisrouvray.

Inès de la Fressange: Karl Lagerfeld's muse will get the Légion d'honneur - Times Online

Ines de la Fressange receives Legion of Honour ( UK)

Roger Vivier ambassador receives the Legion of Honor - parties - scene - fashion week daily

She has a thread at the sister forum TFS:
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Not sure if anyone still cares about this thread after so many years, but let's try.

I've been lately interested in the Niarchos family and gosh, how difficult it is to find informations about them! I know Caroline is good friends with the family since ever. I presume she's close with Maria Niarchos (given the photos above) but also with Philip and Victoria Niarchos. They live in Paris, as does Caroline and their children are close friends (mainly Charlotte and Eugenie, Pierre and Stavros), and now that Electra Niarchos is involved with equestrian and Rozier team, Victoria has been seen with Caroline watching the competitions. Spyros Niarchos is (apparently) Ernst's best friend, so I'm sure they have hung out many times. Caroline has also been to Spetsopoula (the Niarchos island) many times in these recent years.

But my main question has to do with when they were young. In some site, I've read some references about a relationship of Caroline and Philip. Does anybody knows if this is true? More informations about this? Pics?
Not sure about her friends in her younger years, but does anyone know who the blonde women is seen on numerous occasions over recent years? On their snow holidays, with them in photos shopping with the 2 dachshunds and on the pier not long after Sasha was born were Caroline is wearing the straw hat

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^^ Could you post a link to the pics you're talking about?
It is Renata Boccinelli.........she is in many photos with Caroline, apparently is lives in Rome and Capri
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