Favourite Deceased Royals

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Mar 28, 2004

Who are your favourite deceased royals?
King Olav, Crown Princess Märtha,King Baudoin, Queen Ingrid,Queen/ Princess Juliana, and Prince Claus.
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My favourite deceased royals are:

Crown Princess Margareta (D. 1920)
Queen Ingrid of Denmark (D. 2000)
Prince Bertil of Sweden (D. 1997)
Queen Astrid of Belgium (D. 1935)
Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother (D. 2002)
Diana, Princess of Wales (D. 1997)
Princess Grace of Monaco (D. 1982)
Empress Elizabeth of Austria, Queen of Hungary (D. 1898)
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HRH The Duke of Windsor
HRH Princess Marina
HG The Duchess of Windsor
my favorite Princess Diana because she is popular Princess many people and children loved her lots! when she enter Royals in 1981 with Prince Charles in 1981 more popular! but she died at 36 year old in 1997

Sara Boyce
Princess Diana of Wales and Princess Grace of Monaco ^___^ and Marie Antoinette of France strange choice but she has always intrigued me...
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Princess Diana, Princess Juliana and prince Claus. Oh, and empress Elisabeth of Austria (Sissi)
Princess Diana of Wales,Queen Mother Elizabeth,Princess Margaret,Princess Juliana of The Netherlands and Princess Grace of Monaco.
Our's would probably be Queen Ingrid, Prince Claus....and probably some more that we can't think of right now!
Prince Claus and Princess Grace. And Diana, of course.
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This is the position this far:

Diana, Princess of Wales: 8
Princess Grace of Monaco: 6
Prince Claus of the Netherlands: 5
Princess Juliana of the Netherlands: 4
Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother of Great Britain and Northern Ireland: 4
Empress Elizabeth of Austria, Queen of Hungary: 4
Queen Ingrid of Denmark: 3
King Baudoin of Belgium: 2
King Olav of Norway: 2
Princess Margaret of Great Britain and Northern Ireland: 2
Grand Duchess Elisabeth Feodorovna of Russia: 2
Crown Princess Märtha of Norway: 1
Crown Princess Margareta of Sweden: 1
Prince Bertil of Sweden: 1
Queen Astrid of Belgium: 1
King George VI of Great Britain and Northern Ireland: 1
Princess Grace of Monaco: 1
The Duke of Windsor: 1
The Duchess of Windsor: 1
Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent: 1
Queen Marie Antoinette of France: 1
Emperor Nicholas II of Russia: 1
Empress Alexandra of Russia: 1
Grand Duchess Olga of Russia: 1
Grand Duchess Tatiana of Russia: 1
Grand Duchess Maria of Russia: 1
Grand Duchess Anastasia of Russia: 1
Tsarevich Alexei of Russia: 1
Empress Maria Feodorovna: 1
Empress Eugénie of France: 1
Queen Alexandra of Great Britain and Northern Ireland: 1
Queen Ena of Spain: 1
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Diana, Princess of Wales--I cannot believe it will be 7 years on August 31st. I also miss Princess Grace, The Queen Mum, and King Olav.
Favorite Deceased Royals

The revised board seems to have more about historical figures such as the Tsarina Alexandra.

Mine are the Empresses Eugenie, Elisabeth (Sisi), and Mariya Fyodorovna (Dagmar of Denmark, spellings of her Russian name vary so correctness is not guaranteed), and Queen Alexandra.

Favorites among the more recent royals are King George VI and Queen Mother Elizabeth (they assumed the throne in difficult circumstances and went on to serve their country brilliantly), Princess Grace of Philadelphia, and Princess Margaret.
Diana, Sissi, Grand Duchess Ella, Queen Ena of Spain, and the Queen Mother. :(
Princess Grace

Count of Wisborg, Lennart Bernadotte

Queen Juliana

Karl XIV Johan
Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother,Princess Diana,Princess Margaret,Princess Alice of Gloucester,Queen Mary of Teck and Sir Angus Ogivy.
HM Queen Ingrid. She was largely responsible for the renewed popularity of the Danish Royal family. She was so elegant, dignified, and caring.
Marie Antoinette, Grace of Monaco, Mary of England, Baudoin of Belgium and Astrid of Belgium.
*Edit: Sorry, I also forgot Mary of Scots.
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queenanne said:
Marie Antoinette, Grace of Monaco, Mary of England, Baudoin of Belgium and Astrid of Belgium.

I agree, especially about Princess Grace. I also admire Queen Victoria and Grand Duchess Joséphine-Charlotte.
My most favorite deceased royal is King Hussein of Jordan, he accomplished so much in his short lifetime, had he been given more time he would have accomplished many more great things. He really was a blessing to not only his part of the globe, but to the world at large, it's a pity we lost him.
King Olav V
Queen Juliana
Grand Duchess Josephine-Charlotte
Prince Bernhard
Prince Claus
Princess Diana.
I dont feel any emotional attachement to any royal, except for her.
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