Engagements of Prince Pieter-Christiaan and Prince Floris: February 25, 2005

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Oh my God, I just heard! That's so great! A double engagement announcement! :D
non of the dutch princes is sigle now, only trhe sons of Princess Irene: Prince Carlos and Prince Jaime of Bourbon-Parma and the sons of Princess Christina (who do not have a title).
Wow, this is great news! I really like the double engagement announcement. The Dutch royals sure do have a busy few months ahead of them, huh? And Princess Margriet must be tickled pink. First the birth of a new grandchild and then her two sons are getting married.
Educated Princesses-to-be

The Watcher said:
Translation of announcement from BRMB, posted by Netty


Anita Theodora van Eijk got her international Baccalaureate at the Rijnlands Lyceum in Oegstgeest. In 1990 she started studying English language and literature at the University of Leiden. She studied communication science at the University of Amsterdam where she graduated in 1996. In 1997 She started working for Bloomberg in Amsterdam and was sent to London where she worked at the department Sales/Marketing and TV production. In London she afterwards worked at Christie's at the marketing department and at JPMorgan in several management functions.

Aimée Leonie Allegonde Marie Söhngen graduated at the University of Leiden in 2002 in business law. After her study she started working for Fortis Bank as management trainee. In the meantime she is project manager at Fortis Bank.

And it wasn't so long ago that the main educational qualification for Princesses was Art History. These two Princesses-to-be sound quite formidable!
Additional pictures of the engagement. Aimee and Anita are flashing those rings to the cameras, but not a close enough look at them. In the third picture of Floris and Aimee the ring does look very shiny though. I'm sure the van Vollenhoven boys didn't skimp on their girlfriend's engagement rings! ;) From the Benelux Royals MB:
Anita and Pieter-Christiaan met each other in London. Being both employed at a bank they soon became a 'bankstel' according to PC. A 'bankstel' is Dutch for lounge suite (sofa plus chairs). But a 'bank' can also be Dutch for bank and a 'stel' is Dutch for a couple. Pieter-Christiaan proposed to Anita on the roof of Het Loo Palace.

Floris met Aimée in Leyden. First time he saw her he thought that she was IT. Love at first sight? Dad Pieter said that the family was 'sold out' now...


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More pictures from yesterday's engagement announcement at Het Loo, courtesy of Seegerpress.

Princess Margriet looks pleased as punch over her new daughter-in-laws. Hope that we'll get to see new family portraits of the (new) Van Vollenhoven family soon, especially one with Margriet and her look-a-like daughter-in-laws!


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A very happy Princess Margriet, and Pieter-Christiaan with Anita.

Source: Seegerpress


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Prince Floris and Aimee, showing off her ring.

Source: Seegerpress


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Excellent photos, Alexandria. Thanks for taking the time to post them. Everybody looks very happy.
The two brides-to-be already have a biography page of their own on the Royal House's website. Connected to the princes, of course.
i'm sure that the princess is delighted the choice her sons made. both ladies seem to be exceptionally lovely. (C:
Aimée Söhngen and Anita van Eijk: Netherlands brides to be! 2005

Yes, the weddings of Aimée Söhngen and Anita van Eijk may be months away but it's always fun to discuss what future brides will wear on their wedding day...

Do you all think Aimée andAnita will take cues from their future-sister-in-laws' by wearing more traditionally beautiful gowns or will the glamorous designs that Princesses Maxima, Laurentien and Mabel wore on their special days be sources of inspiriation? Will they wear tiaras? What will their bouquets look like? Will there be bows?! The possibilities are endless!


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It's so exciting! I can't wait for their weddings to see all the trimmings!

I'd bet they'll be wearing tiaras for their special day. The question is, which one?

By the way, does anyone have a close up of their engagement rings? I haven't seen a good shot of either.
Anita and Aimee's weddings are coming up -- Anita's wedding is in August and Aimee's wedding is in October.

Any suggestions or ideas of what these lovely Dutch brides might wear?

Please keep in mind our attachment problem and share images via links or your Photobucket/Image Shack (or other) account.

Look forward to seeing the great ideas!
i really hope they dont choose bows!! :)

aimee always dresses lovely im sure she will make a good election of the dress :)
Does somebody have some info about the designers of the bridal dresses? Is there an official one for the Dutch Royals or not?

Just to make myself an idea of what style they would choose...:D

I think that Aimé and Anita will wear the same tiara as Mariléne and Annette
Princess Robijn said:
I think that Aimé and Anita will wear the same tiara as Mariléne and Annette

I hope so, that's a very beautiful and elegant tiara.
Princess Robijn said:
I think that Aimé and Anita will wear the same tiara as Mariléne and Annette

Is that the "Ears-of-wheat" tiara? I looked at pictures of Marilene & Annette is their wedding threads, but I couldn't really see what they were wearing as a tiara - it looks very understated, which is nice.

Looking at this picture, I was also amazed at the crowd that turned out for Bernhard & Annette's wedding. Is such a big crowd expected for P-C's wedding?

Huwelijk Prins Pieter-Christiaan en Anita van Eijk 25 en 27 augustus 2005

Zijne Hoogheid Prins Pieter-Christiaan van Oranje Nassau, van Vollenhoven en mevrouw drs. A.T. van Eijk treden donderdag 25 augustus in Paleis Het Loo te Apeldoorn in het huwelijk.

Zijne Hoogheid Prins Pieter-Christiaan van Oranje‑Nassau, van Vollenhoven en mevrouw drs. A.T. van Eijk treden donderdag 25 augustus in Paleis Het Loo te Apeldoorn in het huwelijk. De kerkelijke inzegening is zaterdag 27 augustus in de Grote of St. Jeroenskerk in Noordwijk. Het burgerlijk huwelijk wordt voltrokken door de burgemeester van Apeldoorn, de heer G.J. de Graaf. Voorganger bij de kerkelijke inzegening is de Amsterdamse doopsgezinde predikant ds Henk Leegte.

25 augustus: Apeldoorn

13.40 Aankomst van familie en andere genodigden bij Paleis Het Loo.

13.50 Aankomst van het bruidspaar bij Paleis Het Loo.

14.00 Burgerlijk huwelijk in de Audiëntiezaal van Paleis Het Loo.

14.30 Einde huwelijkssluiting.

27 augustus: Noordwijk

14.30 Aankomst van de familie bij het stadhuis van Noordwijk.

14.45 Familie gaat te voet vanuit het stadhuis naar de Grote of
St. Jeroenskerk.

14.55 Aankomst van het bruidspaar bij de Grote of St. Jeroenskerk.

15.00 Kerkelijke inzegening van het huwelijk in de Grote of
St. Jeroenskerk.

16.30 Einde kerkelijke inzegening.

NOS-Actueel verzorgt zaterdag 27 augustus op Nederland 2 van 14.30 tot 16.45 uur een rechtstreekse uitzending van de kerkelijke inzegening. Vooraf zendt zij onder meer een samenvatting uit van de huwelijksvoltrekking in Apeldoorn.
Prince Floris and Aimee Söhngen, 20 & 22 October, Naarden

can't wait to see aimee's wedding dress! :)
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