Engagement of Prince Philippos of Greece and Nina Flohr: Summer 2020

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Jan 29, 2005
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Spanish magazine Hola reports today that the private office of King Constantine has made a press release announcing the engagement of Prince Philippos and Nina Flohr, no further details were released:

Their Majesties King Constantine and Queen Anne-Marie are delighted to announce the engagement of their youngest son, Prince Philippos, to Nina Nastassja Flohr, daughter of Thomas Flohr and Katharina Flohr. Nina and Philippos were engaged on the island of Ithaca, in Greece early this summer. The details of their wedding will be released in due course.

** hola: ¡Nueva boda real a la vista! Felipe de Grecia se casa con su novia Nina Flohr **​
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Congratulation to Prince Philippos and Nina Flor on their engagement!!! :flowers:

Congratulation's that 2 future Greek Royal Weddings to look forward to!
Congratulations to Prince Philippos and Nina Flohr! :greeceflag: :kingdomofgreece:
Congrats to the couple!

No surprise but always nice when people commit to each other.

And just like his eldest brother he found a very wealthy wife.
So happy for them!

Perhaps they are celebrating a double wedding together with Theodora and Matthew!

Congratulations to the couple!
Congratulations to the couple!??
In July, I read that Prince Philippos had chartered a yacht to take a cruise with his girlfriend through the Greek islands, now, that cruise has a higher qualification, he had prepared it .??

The photos are taken in Porto Heli.:flowers:
Many congratulations to the couple, look forward to the wedding.
Congratulations to the couple!!!!


"My dearest Philippos. I love you today, I will love you tomorrow and forever. You make us happier, better and stronger. I cannot wait to spend the rest our lives together ������"

Congrats to the happy couple! I'm really delighted by this news and had hoped to see the announcement some time this year.
Wonderful news. Congrats to the couple,so we can expect two Greek weddings. Looking forward to these occasions. This stupid Virus voids everything.
I think Theodora will marry this year and Phillipos next year.
I think Theodora will marry this year and Phillipos next year.

It's possible. All Theodora and Matthew said in May was that they still wanted their wedding in Greece with everyone when it was safe, which many took to mean 2021 but it's possible things may have changed and they'll get married sooner.

I'm sure when they happen both will be absolutely lovely.
I think both will be rather a low-key weddings.
congratulations to the couple.??:flowers:
I like the couple.?
I believe that both weddings will be in Spetses,Greece, but not at the same time, for example Theodora's for spring 2021:), and Philippos's for late summer 2021:)
Congratulations to the couple. Happy news for the family :flowers:

Two weddings coming up, likely in 2021.

I wonder if they will both be in Greece. Even if they are months apart, the couples may want some change.

If they do Philippos and Nina could always go traditional and marry in the bride's home. Her father has a villa in St Moritz.

I'd not be shocked though if both couples marry in Greece. Maybe an engagement party at Thomas Flohr's Bond inspired home. This would be a crazy place to have a party.

According to Mrs. Koenig on Royal Musings Nina was born January 22, 1987.
Will Nina have the title of Princess Nina?
Will Nina have the title of Princess Nina?

I can't see why not when both her sisters in law have the title. She's also comparable to them in certain ways in family wealth and up bringing.
Does Nina have any maternal half-siblings?

For her father she is an only child.
Nina will have the title of Princess, Tatiana has the title of Princess, I don't see why she wasn't going to have it. However, Matthew will not have a title, it saddens me because, I think it is unfair that Alexia and Theodora's husbands do not have a title.
Nina's mother is a woman with extensive knowledge in history, I really like this. I have read in a Spanish blog dedicated to the Greek Royal family that she was also editor of Vogue, Greek version
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