Earl and Countess of Wessex Current Events 5: December 2004-March 2005

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Sophie is pregnant????? She really look like pregnant.
Edward and Sophie's Christmas Card is a family portait. Sophie appears holding Louise, ext to Edward. They are posing with the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh.
I'm still trying to find a copy of the card,
I cant wait for see the picture!
Claire, where you see the photo????
Yes,i also hope that Corazon.It will be so wonderful if Sophie being pregnant again.Did you see the pictures when Sophie attend the Carol Gala a few days ago?She really looked like pregnant.
Yes, I see the pictures, she really look pregnant........I hope we can see the new baby more Louise
Not only did she look pregnant...but with the black and white stripes...it looked like she was trying to hide it.
In my opinion Sophie is VERY pregnant. The firts photo is in july of 2003 pregnant with Louise, and the second picture is december 16 of 2004.


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Wow great side-by-side...I have little doubt that she is pregnant. But one cannot blame the Wessex's if they wait a little longer than most before they announce.
Yes hope that she will be pregnant again.I think the Palace will announce that after Xmas or at the beginning of the year.
I think it's just a case of a bad photo that makes the Countess look pregnant, this has happened before.Just last month Sophie was wearing a very flattering outfit that clearly accentuated her slim waistline.
The photo of HM Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, Prince Edward, Sophie Countess of Wessex and Louise Windsor appeared in the Mail on Sunday on the 19th of December. It appears that although the photo appeared in print, it doesn't appear on its website. I'll continue looking. Anyone who reads the Daily Mail or the Mail on Sunday. please look and see if you can see it and scan it in.
I haven't seen the photo I was told about it by a member of my Wessex Newsgroup. It was taken at Balmoral in the Summer (July/Aug). Louise is 9 months old. I actually don't know if it is the Wessex's or the Queen's card.
I will however continue looking.
I believe that is a card that the webmaster designed for the website, not the Wessex's Christmas card.
I also hope the Christmas Card can be found, or someone who has it scans it in. I would love to see how Lady Louise is growing, as far as I am aware she hasn't been seen since her Christening?

I have tried searching, but have had no luck so far. I am surprised the photograph has not appeared anywhere else? Hello! magazine are usually good for printing such photographs.
I respect Sophie because she is former Public Relations as busniesswoman before she got engagement to Prince Edward in Jan.1999 but she and Edward wont let her daughter gets into public because of her faces so small since born! i understood why Sophie wanted protect her daughter away from spotlight when she become older she would let it if her parents says approve!

Sara Boyce
I also heard a lot about that card of Louise with her parents and grandparents.Where did you find it?
Earl and Countess of Wessex attend? and her 1 year old Lady Louise at Sandringham for church services

Sara Boyce
If You Go To Bbc News You Can See Sophie, Louise, The Queen And Prince Phillip. Sophie Has Louise In Her Arms Why The Queen And Prince Phillip Gives Her A Present. My God She Looks Just Like Edward And She Has That Mountbatten Blonde Hair. Just Click The Queen Christmas Speech!!!! Its A Video. You See All The Family Getting There Presents From The Queen And Prince Phillip.
I just watched the Queen's Christmas message (broadcast here in the US on BBCAmerica). Lady Louise looked very nice.
There is no picture in the articles. You can see Sophie and Louise on the video clip.
I as so amazed at how much she looks like Edward. The hair, the shape of her head, the ears, the nose and lips. She appears absolutely delightful.
I do love it that she seemed more interested in the paper wrapping and bow than anything else.
i can´t see the viedeo, somebody can posted a capture?
I tried to capture the images, but all I got was blank photos. I'm certain that better quality photos will appear in newspapers tomorrow. Perhaps tonight maybe, if we are lucky.

The Wessex's Christmas Card appeared in the British Newspaper, Mail on Sunday (19 December 2004) It appears it only appeared in the print version and not online.

Here is a photo of Sophie today at Sandringham (rather St. Mary Magdelaine's)
Source: Getty Images.


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I captures images with a web cam, but I cant see the video.
I do! the imeges of CNN


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