Earl and Countess of Wessex and Family Current Events 3: February-August 2008

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Majesty's articles about Sophie never seem to have much to say IMO. I have the impression that they believe her too middle class for the job. I subscribe but have to agree, as a Sophie fan it is somewhat bewidered and wondered for a long time if they shouldn't get a new editor. Sophie
I was wondering about Lady Louise's education since she will turn 5 this year. Does anybody know if she has attended preschool? In England would she normally start kindergarten this Fall as we do here in the States? Maybe they're educating her at home with private tutors. If not, perhaps a local school. I was also thinking that if she had been going to a local preschool there might have been associated pictures which I've never seen. Any thoughts?

It is my understanding that she attends a local preschool or rather play group effort in Bagshot. Unsure what the name is - but from what I understand she attends on and off. Edward and Sophie will not be calling a press conference when she goes to school. They are not Charles and Diana. Either way I expect that there is an argreement with the press. When she starts proper school I expect a bit of coverage on day one - nothing more.
Majesty's articles about Sophie never seem to have much to say IMO. I have the impression that they believe her too middle class for the job. I subscribe but have to agree, as a Sophie fan it is somewhat bewidered and wondered for a long time if they shouldn't get a new editor. Sophie

I don't know but all articles about Sophie seem to say nothing more than what we know. News about Edward and Sophie, notably personal and private news is very scarce. So that are always reharshing old stuff.
Where do you find the balance? I know Edward and Sophie want to leave their lives in private, but lets face it been a successful royal means living part of your life in public, regardless of where you are in the line of succession. Just look at Zara Phillips.
MAJESTY changed quite a bit during the late 80s. When it first came out, it had serious artlcles and coverage about figures like Lord Mountbatten as well as the Windsors. Then it became decidely "fluffy" toward the late 80s, which more articles on shoes and umbrellas and recipes. After 1992, the magazine took a decided anti-Diana, pro Charles-and-Camilla slant. I don't think that Camilla has ever had the sort of comments directed toward her that went toward Diana and Sophie.

Majesty's articles about Sophie never seem to have much to say IMO. I have the impression that they believe her too middle class for the job. I subscribe but have to agree, as a Sophie fan it is somewhat bewidered and wondered for a long time if they shouldn't get a new editor. Sophie
Majesty's articles about Sophie never seem to have much to say IMO. I have the impression that they believe her too middle class for the job. I subscribe but have to agree, as a Sophie fan it is somewhat bewidered and wondered for a long time if they shouldn't get a new editor.

I don't get Majesty magazine and I haven't even looked at it for a couple of years but I saw the most recent one. I thought, oh, an article on Sophie...looks interesting...and then as I skimmed it I noticed that the article used exact phrases from online news articles I'd seen. For example "Sophie underwent painful fertility procedures"...I'm certain I've seen that phrase in a number of news articles.

And yes, the article contained no new information. I'm sure Sophie and Edward work hard to protect their privacy, but so do many of the other royals and yet the magazine at least seems to have new insights or information on them from time to time.
Sophie and Edward have been on a skiing holiday in St Mortiz their favourite destination to celebrate Edward's 44th birthday. James and Louise also went along with them as well as two nannies. This weeks edition of Hello had pictures of the couple on the slopes as well as pictures of Edward and Sophie attending a private formal dinner in St Mortiz. Sophie wore a white evening gown and stain wrap along with hre new ruby and diamond necklace (the one she first wore at her last public engagemnt prior to James's birth) and matching earings, braclet and ring. The article also says she had cancelled all her engagements until ealy summer. From the pictures in the mag it shows she has not regained her figure after the birth although James is now 3 months old.
Thanks for update, PrincessofEurope. Really interesting to learn more news about the couple. I would probably go to the newsagency and check out whether they have that issue yet. By the way, she takes quite a long break this time i think, until early summer, would be June, isnt it? But she may turn up to those events like the Easter service in Windsor this sunday, Peter Phillips's wedding, or a special Garter Service on 23rd April, wouldnt she?
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HMQueenElizabeth11 it is issue number 1013 (with Cheryl Cole, Victoria Beckham, Coleen and Kate Middleton on the front) it might take a while to reach you in Australia i know we are always months behind on your mags in the UK shops.

Well it said that all OFFICIAL duties were cancelled until early summer but last time it was the same so im guessing maybe May or June but i would image she will go to attend Easter service, Peter's wedding etc then of course there will be James's christening last time they releashed one group photo so i image they will do the same again
Thanks for all the updates and the general agreeing chit chat I am not a busybody when it comes to their lives but do love to chat broadly so thanks. Sophie and Edward are private and I guess they feel that their children will not be part of the Royal Family in the future in the same way that Beatrix's sister children will be publicly sidelined in the future, and the Wessex's are adapting things accordingly. But as already said I too will be thrilled to see her on her return to public life and would mags like Majesty to cover these events more than they do.
Edward and Sophie seemed very demure at Easter service. There weren't many royals there and they even let Peter and Autumn leave and arrive before them.
Pic 28.3.2008

Prince Edward chats with Britain's Chris Hoy during a training
session in the UCI Track Cycling World Championships on March
28, 2008 at the Manchester velodrome.

-----> Pic
Edward's trip to Canada announced.
It is only five days in Ontario.
Oh, whatever happened to those month long royal tours.
I read in HELLO! they went skiing for Edward's birthday and they had both of the kids with two nannies. Why do they need two nannies for two kids, one who is an infant and the other a toddler.
goodness how many times have either Edward or Sophie been to Canada since they got married its nearly once every year they are obessed with the country how come they havnt been to New Zealand, Australia etc and since 1999 Sophie has only visited Northern Ireland twice in 2002 and 2005
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Edward visits Canada once a year, officially. I think it was 1997 he was a lot but it was due to Ardent doing business there. The way the International Awards work is that they visit Canada ever year. Then Australia, New Zealand, India and China, Malaysia ever second year with African, European countries the other year. For example Edward visited Australia in 2006 with the commonwealth games so I expect that he will visit there late this year or early next.
Northern Ireland is consider still a red zone, so they don't pre-announce engagements.
There are some nice pics of Sophie at the Memorial of Sir Edmund Hillary today at Getty. Except that hat I was kinda hoping that Louise would take the hat and rip it apart by now :)
oh i know that they dont preannounce visits to Northern Ireland expect for the last 3 day visit by the Queen but what i was trying to say was that since 1999 she has only visited twice which isnt alot
Has Sophie made an official to America, Australia, New Zealand etc???
She hasnt made one to NZ to my knowledge
Where did you learn about the visit in Canada??
I have tried to get clarity about how Royal visits are classified. So lets try, before 2000 Edward's visits for the International Award were not considered royal visits at all.
I think this worked well for Edward as he was able to go to Canada and America ect. do the DOE stuff and then do Ardent work at next day- splitting the cost of the travelling expense.
Then there suddenly was a need to count all these DOE engagements Edward does, so they started to be called Working Visits, as far as I know this means that the charities that invite the royal over pays for the trip and that don't do any terribly official like sign treaties, meet presidents and hold state banquets. That type of stuff is left to official tours. To my knowlegde Edward and Sophie have only had one official tour and that was of Canada in 1999 and it was the last as now only the Queen and Charles can do royal tours.
So all Edward's duties outside of the United Kingdom are 'working visits' or 'private visits.' Neither are high profile. Canadian press tends to follow Edward's doing.
Sophie thus has never made an official visit to the USA, only working visits, - she picked up an award for Vision 2020: the right to Sight at New York, I sure there are more but they were either small or private.
To my knowlegde I don't think that she has visited New Zealand or Australia since marring Edward, odd considering she was once considering emigrating.
Tune in to Channel 4 this Sunday for an interview with Prince Edward about Snowsport GB one of his patronages.
Actually the add says the interview is with the Duke of Wessex, one would think Channel Four would know better.
I think the Countess of Wessex started to perform her solo engagement already. It is mentioned on Monday, she attended the Sea Trials of the HMS Daring which she is a Sponsor. Unluckily, it seem not a focus for the press, but i believe that they would have drawn quite a crowd out there though.
Did anyone notice that Edward filled in for the Duke of Edinburgh on his Monday and Tuesday engagements, except his didn't do to Dartmouth with the Queen. On Monday he hosted the dinner for the anniversary of the state of Israel but left before dinner to attend another dinner fot the Duke of Edinburgh Awards in Canada.
natural progress?

As the Duke of Edinburgh ages and will most likely have health issues curtailing his activities isn't it natural that the younger royals step up? I know the scope of the royal circle (who is considered royal) is shrinking so it's not extended to as many descendants of the monarch. Fewer royals will be handling all the duties (even though in my opinion Edward's daughter is still "Princess Louise" instead of just Lady Louise) and if Edward is on track to be the future DOE this would only make sense. Of course, time will tell if he does become the DOE as things may change again before being granted that title.
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These sorts of events are certainly good experience for him in the meantime. And even if he doesn't become Duke of Edinburgh in the future, it's great that he's able to "step up to the plate" like this.
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I agree, both he and Sophie work hard- I would like to se them as the new D.O.E. (more jewels for Sophie!)
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I disagree that Edward and Sophie will be doing more work or higher profile work with the increasing age of the Duke. I expect much of that will pass to William and Harry. Along with the jewels.
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