Dutch Official Visit to Chile: March 19-21, 2003

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Originally posted by paulette@Apr 29th, 2003 - 8:44 pm
I think Maxima looks good on her dresses because she knows how to carry herself but I disagree on the way she chooses the colors even though if the styles are magnificent because she should also think that 2 colors should really go together not just to pick colors that are not good for her...
I don't really believe that this in this day that two colors actually "go together." I personally adore the strawberry and chocolate combination-very different, but looks wonderful on Maxima. I find it to be pleasing to my eyes. It reminds me of a chocolate covered strawberry! ;) I think that depending on the style and cut of an ensemble along with that of its accessories that many colors that one may not dare to pair with one another can look fantastic together. There are very few limitations IMO. Of course, certain people will always be stuck in a rut of conservativeness and matching things together relentlessly (If they like it, then good for them), but I find that there is something great about pairing things that do not normally go together (or doing what has yet to be done or not done in a while). I have found nonconformity to be one of the most important marks of some of the greatest and most successful designers along with that of those who are considered to have maginificent personal styles.

I disagree that the colors that Maxima have chosen are no good for her. I do not think that anyone else could ever wear those particular colors and look good wearing them. It would be very difficult for anyone else to do so. Maxima has the coloring and the personality to wear her clothing very well.

I also disagree with the person who said that her coloring was a bit off. I am sure that Maxima has days like most of us when she may not have gotten off on the right foot in the morning or may have had a long night (or is simply having one of those days-I call them my "Slow Motion Days" :D), however, I do not find her to appear ill. I think that her coloring is very nice. It has changed a bit IMO (she is a bit lighter), but she looks fine to me. I wouldn't say that anything concerning her appearance has made me think that her health would be in jeopardy.
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